Metallic eyeshadow: the trend for fall 2016

Metallic eyeshadow: the trend for fall 2016


Metallic eyeshadow will once again be a big trend for fall 2016, from eyeshadows shimmer soft to glitter-filled shadows with big impact.

In recent months, the metallic eyeshadow was seen all over the catwalks by those who really wanted to attract attention, including the brands “Monique Lhuillier” and “Zero + Maria Cornejo”.

Styles varied. We saw smoky eyes full of glitter (which really stopped traffic!) and also more discreet eyes, but they all had something in common: metallic eyeshadow.

However, not all women have the courage to wear something metallic and shimmery with high impact and, fortunately, there is a solution: in autumn 2016, metallic shadows can be found in different “stages” and, therefore, can please both the most discreet as the boldest.

Discover some suggestions below and get inspired!

Metallic shadow – Model 1

Metallic eyeshadow: the trend for fall 2016

This creamy bronze shadow seen on Francesca Liberatore is the perfect gateway to a metallic look.

The shine is soft and discreet and, therefore, can create looks for both day and night.

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Metallic shadow – Model 2

metallic shadow model

If you want to go a little further, focus your metallic look on the inner corner. If you don’t want to, you don’t need to go overboard like the model in the photo above.

Bringing the shine to the inner corner highlights the whites of your eyes, so concentrate the shadow there and extend it lightly towards the waterlines.

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Metallic shadow – Model 3

metallic eyeshadow suggestion

If you’re comfortable with glitter and want to make your eyes stand out even more, look for an eyeshadow with a pearly sheen and apply it all over your eyelid.

This type of shadow creates great nighttime looks.

Remember: glitter is difficult to remove and you will find it everywhere for a few days.

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Metallic shadow – Model 4

makeup with metallic eyeshadow

As your “metallic bravery” increases, you can try some bolder shades.

In the photo above, you see a model from the brand “Zero + Maria Cornejo”. She didn’t use the eyeshadow in a conventional way and, certainly, you won’t feel like doing the same, as this aspect isn’t very usual for everyday life (or even for nighttime).

What you can do is use this metallic tone to draw a “cat eye” and create a more inspired version of a makeup success.

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Metallic shadow – Model 5

Monique Lhuillier model wearing metallic eyeshadow

By now, you’ve already realized that metallic makeup is no longer exclusive to the 80s and that you can opt for it just like you opt for shiny lips: naturally.

The brand “Monique Lhuillier” didn’t skimp on sparkle in its fall fashion shows (as you can see on the model in the photo above), so save this makeup for a special occasion and you’ll be noticed.

The trick here is to first apply a layer of dark eyeshadow so that it acts as a base and helps the glitter stay in place better. Then, just use the shine!

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