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Massage to relieve headaches (in 3 steps)


A good massage to relieve headaches consists of lightly pressing, using circular movements, some strategic points on the head, such as the temples, the back of the neck and the top of the head.

To start the massage, you should loosen your hair and breathe deeply, slowly, for about 2 minutes, trying to relax a little, and it is also recommended to be in a calm and peaceful environment, without noise.

Massage for headaches can help relieve tension, however, if the headache does not improve, you should consult your general practitioner or neurologist to identify the cause and begin the most appropriate treatment.

Step by step to do the massage

To get a massage to relieve a headache, you must follow 3 steps:

1. Make circular movements on the temples

You should massage the temples, which are the lateral region of the forehead, for at least 1 minute, using the palm of your hands or the tips of your fingers, making circles.

2. Perform circular movements on the back of the neck

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To massage the back of the neck, apply light pressure with your fingertips for at least 2 minutes.

3. Massage the top of the head

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The region on top of the head should be massaged with circular movements that become increasingly slower for about 3 minutes, using the tips of your fingers. Finally, to finish the massage, gently pull the hair roots for 2 to 3 minutes.

These steps help to release a lot of tension and are a great way to get rid of headaches naturally without having to resort to medication. Check out other ways to relieve headaches without medication.

To achieve better results, it is recommended that another person perform this massage, but self-massage is also capable of naturally resolving headaches in just a few minutes. To complement this treatment, you can remain seated during the massage and place your feet in a basin of warm water with coarse salt.

Food to relieve headache

To relieve a headache, you should eat foods rich in magnesium and drink lots of water, in addition to avoiding coffee, cheese, ready-to-eat foods and sausages, for example.

Additionally, hot fennel tea with ginger is a natural way to help prevent or relieve headaches. Check out other natural ways to relieve headaches.

In the case of pregnant women, to relieve headaches, you should drink plenty of water, eat light meals every 3 hours and in small quantities, in addition to resting. See other ways to relieve headaches during pregnancy.