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Mandarin Oriental in South America and other news


The properties of the Asian chain Mandarin Oriental are always synonymous with Lux and comfort around the world. The pillars are design, service, gastronomy, location and well-being. And we can certainly attest to that. After all, our editor Renata Araujo was in 18 of the brand's 31 hotels. In fact, this number will increase, as the goal is to open between three and four hotels per year. One of them is the first Mandarin Oriental in South America. Therefore, let's check out the new features of the Mandarin Oriental chain that were revealed during ILTM, the largest luxury fair in Latin America.

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Mandarin Oriental in South America

Here comes, finally, the first Mandarin Oriental in South America! The current Hotel Santiago will become Mandarin Oriental, Santiago in the second half of the year, scheduled for August this year. Located in the Las Condes neighborhood, the hotel has 25 thousand m² of land and all its accommodation, common areas and gardens are being remodeled to reflect local culture, with features inspired by the brand's Asian heritage, for example.

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news from the oriental mandarin network
Hotel Santiago, the first Mandarin Oriental in South America

Another destination that will also win your first Mandarin Oriental It's finally the Caribbean. Between June and July, Pink Sands Club will become Mandarin Oriental, Canouan. In the Grenadines archipelagoLocated by one of the largest living coral reefs in the Caribbean, the hotel is ideal for those who want to relax in a paradisiacal setting while forgetting the problems of everyday life. Certainly unforgettable!

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news from the oriental mandarin network
Infinite pool

One of the big news for the Mandarin Oriental chain is the completion of the 18-month renovation process at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, in London. The first phase, completed in September last year, focused on the facade, the lobby and the rooms facing the Knightsbridge, one of the most fashionable areas in London. Soon after, new rooms and suites with views of the Hyde Park. Furthermore, the SPA has been completely redesigned by renowned international designer Adam D. Tihany.

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Mandarin Oriental in South America
A Knightsbridge Suite

Upcoming hotels

Located in one of Dubai's most prestigious neighborhoods, the beachfront resort will offer rooms, suites and villas. In addition, eight restaurants, a SPA and even a children's club.

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Mandarin Oriental in South America
Beachfront resort

The Chinese capital will finally gain two Mandarin Oriental hotels. The first, in the neighborhood of Qianmen East Hutong, while the second, in Wangfujing, with some of the largest rooms and suites in Beijing.

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Mandarin Oriental in South America
Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing

It will be the leading luxury hotel in Qatar. With a central location, will be 249 rooms, suites and apartments, as well as nine restaurants and SPA.

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Mandarin Oriental in South America
One of the hotel's bars

In fact, for those who are also fans of the brand, it's worth getting to know the Fans of MO, a customer relationship program that guarantees a series of privileges. To register, just click here.

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Ufa! Anyway, you can see that there are many new things and now closer to us, with the first Mandarin Oriental in South America, in Santiago. And the list doesn't stop there. At ILTM, the largest trade fair luxury tourism of Latin America, in São Paulo, where we were present, the brand announced more new properties for the coming years:

Therefore, after all this news, we are now certain: we want to increase our number of MO hotels around the world! Probably you too.?

By Renata Araujo and Duda Vétere

Photos: Renata Araujo and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

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