Mag Market: new bakery and confectionery in Itaim

Mag Market: new bakery and confectionery in Itaim

South America

I love the work of the talented chef Tássia Magalhães (who runs the excellent Italian Nelita, 39th best restaurant in Latin America in 2022), and I was excited to visit her new bakery and confectionery shop in Itaim, Mag Market. One bakerythat is, a chic bakery, created by the chef who is passionate about patisserie French, and started selling chocolate cakes during the pandemic. It was so successful that a physical store later opened in Itaim Bibi. In fact, I felt like I was in Paris with fresh croissants and impeccable sweets, like classic tarts! A charming place where you can have a delicious breakfast, an afternoon snack or even lunch, as the sandwiches are very robust!

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New bakery and confectionery in Itaim

The inspiration is French pâtisserie, but the ingredients are Brazilian. The atmosphere is modern and everything is displayed in beautiful showcases and shelves, such as the refined sweets and breads made in-house. There are, for example, tarts in different flavors, mille feuille, entremet, choux, éclair, canelé, madeleine, chocolates and cakes, including “chocolatudo”, the chef's favorite.

Meanwhile, the breads are 100% naturally fermented, produced in different versions and types, such as baguette (classic, with artisanal sausage and grains), ciabatta (classic and with olive) and focaccia (with rosemary and fleur de sel, with pomodoro and blue cuesta and with garlic confit and zaatar). In addition, there is also the classic croissant, with almonds or parma and canasta cheese.

Other special breads such as pain au chocolate, au suisse or au chocolate and almonds, brioches, cinnamon rolls and palmier are available on the menu. To accompany it, there is a coffee and tea section, such as espresso, cappuccino and matcha latte.

Also noteworthy is the young team at the new bakery and confectionery in Itaim, who work very delicately in the presentation and production of sweets. Even though chef Taíssa was absent when I was there, her partner and boyfriend Danyel Steinle welcomed me very well!

Renata Araújo with the Mag Market team and partner, Daniel

About chef

The young and competent chef Tássia Magalhães is in charge of the formidable Italian Nelita, a signature cuisine restaurant that last year won 39th place in the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Tássia began her career at the prestigious Italian restaurant Pomodori, in the confectionery area. At a young age, she traveled around Europe, interning at renowned restaurants, such as the Danish Geranium, with three Michelin stars. In 2015, she was elected as one of the 30 Brazilians under 30 who stand out in their respective fields. Furthermore, she has already received several gastronomic awards, including Chef of the Year, by Prazeres da Mesa, in June 2022.

Renata Araújo with chef Tássia Magalhães, at Nelita

Therefore, I left enchanted by this high-quality patisserie in São Paulo, which transported me to Paris! Soon, the bakery It will also soon serve a hot menu. So, if I were you, I would rush to see this news.

End: Rua Dr.Renato Paes de Barros, 433 – Itaim Bibi

Text by Renata Araújo. Photos: Renata Araújo and Disclosure.