Kveik Lutra Yeast Craft Beer Dry Yeast with Lager Esters. Strain is perfect for preparing Lager.

Welcome to the wonderful kveik yeast! Whether you are experienced or just starting out, kveik yeast will surprise you.

In each package you will find enough yeast to ferment 20 liters of must.

As it is not just any common yeast/yeast

Lutra kveik Temperature

Kveik Lutra Neutra is very clean when fermented between 28 and 35°C. Ideal for fake lagers and American beers.

It has the ability to work over a wide temperature range.

This strain is perfect for preparing a fake - even more neutral and refreshing lager at its lower temperatures.

Kveik, which means yeast in Norwegian, is a group of yeasts, mostly of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae species, of Norwegian origin and from nearby countries, where there is a culture of Farmhouse-style beers.


Higher temperatures during fermentation serve to increase the metabolic activity of the yeast, meaning the yeast will ferment at an exponentially faster rate.

For kveik cultures the theory applies and many strains manage to reach final gravity within 48 hours.

And that for breweries is wonderful! Any brewer will tell you that the time the beer remains in the tank is a very important factor and with the kveik strains the rotation of the tank increases considerably.

This fact benefits brewers that try to keep a tight schedule and small breweries benefit as they do not have a large number of tanks.

Due to the fact that kveik cultures are tolerant to high temperatures, ferment quickly and have a very clean fermentation profile, they end up being very versatile and being used in various styles of beer.

American breweries have used these strains in several styles like NE IPA, Hop Red Ale, Pale Ales, Brut IPAs and fermentation methods range from 4°C to 43°C with brewers noticing more aromas at higher fermentation temperatures, but even thus, the end result being a clean profile.

 Lutra is a super clean strain that works at high speed. Isolated from the Hornindal Kveik culture, Lutra Kveik is perfect for preparing a refreshing pseudo-lager without the typical waiting time of a lager.

Lutra is your carefree way of fermenting at high temperatures. You will love this bloodline like no other.

Lutra is shockingly clean with unrivaled speed when grown at (32°C). This variety is perfect for making a gluten-free hard seltzer, alcopop, mead, cider or even a refreshing pseudo-lager!

It can be inoculated directly into the wort or propagated.

Pitch 32°C

Attenuation: 75-82%

Flocculation: Medium-High

Alcohol tolerance: 11% ABV

Ideal fermentation temperature: 33-34 °C

Cleaner profile between 20-22°C

Temperatures of 37ºC or more inhibit fermentation.

Type of strain: Norwegian Kveik


Pseudo Lager Recipe


Only Grains

72% efficiency
Batch Volume: 23 L
Boiling Time: 90 min

Mash Water: 17.81 L
Wash Water: 15.93 L
Total Water: 33.74 L
Boiling Volume: 29.5 L
Pre-Boil Density: 1,041


Original Density: 1,048
Final Density: 1,009
IBU (Tinseth): 35
BU/GU: 0.73
Color: 7.7 EBC


Temperature — 65 °C — 90 min
Mash Out — 75°C — 10 min

Malts (5.3 kg)
5 kg (94.3%) — Fuglsang Pilsner — Grain — 3.8 EBC
200 g (3.8%) — Castle Malting Chateau Acid — Grain — 9.5 EBC
100 g (1.9%) — Castle Malting Chateau Munich — Grain — 25 EBC

Hops (50 g)
20 g (25 IBU) — Magnum 10.3% — Boil — 90 min
30 g (10 IBU) — Perle 5.8% — Boiling — 15 min

1 items — Protafloc — Boil — 15 min
4 g — Yeast Nutrients — Boiling — 10 min
20 drops — Brewers Clarex — Primary

1 pct — Lutra Kveik 82%

Primary — 35 °C — 7 days

Carbonation: 2.4 CO2-vol


The perle can be replaced by most noble hops such as Saaz, styrian golding, Hersbrucker, etc.

The Lutra Kveik can be replaced with Oslo kveik, Saflager W-34/70 or other dry lager yeasts.

Our Kveiks are proliferated in clean wort! just for the proliferation of the strain, thus avoiding mutations and having quality in our strains, making the strain that reaches the brewers the closest to the matrix, without hop dirt!

Packing for 20 liters

We have the Largest Kveik Brewer's Yeast Bank in the Americas.

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