Melhores restaurantes Japoneses de SP

Kosushi: one of the best Japanese restaurants in SP

South America

In terms of gastronomy, São Paulo rocks! And for lovers of japanese cuisine, there are many delicious options. But one of my favorites is Kosushi, certainly one of the best Japanese restaurants in SP! After all, it knew how to renew itself and is completing 30 years of success.

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One of the best Japanese restaurants in SP

The restaurant is located in a charming house in Itaim, renovated and designed by architect Arthur Casas, it has a beautiful atmosphere with large straw chandeliers. In addition, it has three environments. The first is a bar, right at the entrance, to welcome customers, ideal for a drink before dinner. There is also the main hall and an outdoor area at the back where you can drink sake or wine while waiting for your table.

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The menu changes each season, with exclusive creations from chef and partner, George Koshoji. So expect a mix of classics, traditional and unusual. To start, the ideal is to order starters to share, such as Hambagu tuna foie, with tuna, spices, foie gras and balsamic taré. Some of the chef's suggestions, for example, include truffled Ikura quail, scallops and roe and avocado tuna.

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And the desserts are also surprising, such as Mochi, ice cream wrapped in rice dough, in the flavors of dulce de leche, coconut, lemon and green tea.

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There is also KO, at Shopping Cidade Jardim, a new expansion of the brand with a new concept in a cooler environment. On the terrace is the Kosushi Bar, with a charming atmosphere, exclusive drinks and a cosmopolitan view of SP! The menu is signed by bartender Marcio Silva, one of the most awarded mixologists in the country, and offers signature drinks, classics, gin and tonic, sake and wine.

The story

Created by Carlos Augusto Carvalho and chef George Koshoji, it appeared in 1988 in a small door in the Ipiranga neighborhood. In other words, unlike the gastronomic scene at the time, where the concentration of oriental cuisine was in the Liberdade neighborhood. Since 1990, he moved to Itaim.

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Furthermore, Kosushi will soon open a new store in Miami, in the United States. Of course, we're already dying to meet you! So, long live Kosushi!

By Renata Araújo

Photos: Renata Araújo, Roberto Seba and Disclosure