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Shrimp with Brazil nuts

Bobó shrimp the best a tasty dish. Learn how to do it, and enjoy this delight. .. Read More

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Chicken Empadão Recipe

Chicken Empadão RecipeChicken Empadão IngredientsPasta600 g yeast wheat flour300 g butter300 g grated muzela4 gems (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Filling2 tablespoons oil½ teaspoon chopped garlic3 tablespoons chopped chives2 chicken breasts1 cup water2 tomatoes skinless and chopped seeds400 g cream cheese1 gem for brushingChicken Empadão Preparation ModePas.. Read More

Typical Brazilian recipes - Bobó de Camarão with Brazilian Chestnut

Shrimp Bobo is part of the recipes typical of Brazilians, and everyone is proud of it, as it is delicious and brings to the forefront a peculiar tradition appreciated in all Brazilian states, especially the north and northeast regions of the country. Learn this recipe now... Read More

 Vada Pav Indian Fast Food - Indian Recipes

Indian cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines in the world and includes recipes of the most varied, including fast food and Vada Pav is most sought after for being cheap and for satisfying hunger... Read More

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Cake recipes and flour

In recipes for cakes, who has never been in doubt about which flour to use to make their recipes? For in this article you will learn more about the types of flour and which one to use in your recipes... Read More

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