Ice molds - Genius tips for using your ice tray creatively

Ice molds – Genius tips for using your ice tray creatively


Ice cube trays are present in every kitchen, but in addition to ice, these utensils can be used to freeze various things.

Ice cube trays are very useful kitchen utensils that you have in every home. After all, everyone needs ice from time to time, whether to put it in juice or a refreshing drink, for example. However, although this utensil was created for the purpose of forming ice, it can be used in several other ways that are just as cool.

You probably have several of these in the freezer with ice, but how about using them to freeze many other things and make the most of everything your molds can do? The secret is to use creativity to make your daily life in the kitchen much more versatile and fun.

So, today we’re going to share some great tips on what you can freeze using your ice cube trays. After this article, you will never see your mold the same way again. You can prepare sweets and store things you probably never imagined. Let’s go!

Tips for using your ice cube trays creatively

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Nowadays, ice cube trays come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, there is one for every taste and need. But you can replace the water that will form the ice with many other ingredients and do several things with your ice cube trays. And that’s what we’re going to discover next with these brilliant tips for using ice cube trays in a creative, delicious and practical way.

Save leftover sauce

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You know when you make a lot of tomato sauce and you have leftovers and you have to freeze them? But then you put it in large jars and when it comes to using it, they are not practical at all, because you have to wait for it to defrost before using it or use it all at once. One way to avoid this and make it more practical is to freeze the leftover sauce in ice cube trays. That’s right, when making pasta or any other recipe, just take as many cubes as necessary and add them to the pan. You can do this with other sauces too, like pesto, for example.

Freeze fresh herbs

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Fresh herbs are great for adding a special flavor and aroma to recipes, but they lose their flavor very quickly. Therefore, one way to preserve them for longer so that you can use them when needed is to freeze them in olive oil or butter in an ice cube tray. You can do this with oregano, rosemary, sage, among others. Once they are frozen, just remove them from the molds and store them in a bag in the freezer. So, whenever you want to make a recipe with herbs, just defrost them in the pan. The flavor and aroma will be maintained.

Ice from your own drink

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This tip is great for keeping your drink or drink for longer. When we use normal ice, the drink tends to be watery and tasteless in the end. So, if you make ice cubes from the drink itself, this won’t happen. You can do this with any drink, juice, soda, tea, wine, among others. This way, in addition to keeping the drink cold for longer, it doesn’t lose its taste.

Flavored gel

Ice molds - Genius tips for using your ice tray creatively

This is a very practical idea. How about making some tea or kale juice or anything else you prefer and freezing it for later use. In the case of tea ice, then just add hot water to each cube and enjoy the drink. As for juice, you can put ice in orange juice and give your drink a new flavor. It’s also interesting to freeze coconut water to put in whiskey. The options are several.

Chocolate dessert in ice cube trays

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This is perfect for those who love chocolate and like practical, easy-to-make recipes. There’s not much of a secret, just add 2/3 of the melted chocolate to the ice cube trays and also add some fruit, like strawberries, and freeze. Then just misinform and serve. You could do this in other ways, of course, but why not use the ice cube trays you already have at home, right?

Chlorophyll Ice Cubes

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We don’t always have time to prepare a green detox juice first thing in the morning. So, a good tip is to leave the juice half-prepared. To do this, just blend some cabbage leaves, wheat sprouts or watercress, mint or another green ingredient with water in a blender and place in ice cube trays. Then just use the chlorophyll ice cubes in juices or even put them in water to drink.

Mini cheesecake with chocolate in ice molds


The possibilities with ice molds are endless, you can make several delicious and cold dessert recipes. Another dessert option is the mini cheesecake, which is very easy to prepare. First line the ice molds with chocolate and let it cool. Then add the yogurt filling with cream cheese, sweetener and vanilla and cover with chocolate. Then put it in the freezer for two hours to cool down and you can serve it.

Frozen yogurt


Frozen yogurt has become a rage among people and it is very easy to make, you can even use your ice cube trays for this. This way, place portions of yogurt in a mold and pieces of fruit in another, it can be any fruit, banana, strawberry, etc. When preparing the frozen yogurt, just blend 4 cubes of yogurt and 3 cubes of fruit in a blender. Ready, just enjoy your practical frozen yogurt.

chocolate cubes


Chocolate is good in any form, frozen, so it’s a great refreshing dessert option for summer. So, freeze chocolate in ice cube trays and when you hit the sweet tooth, you have a delicious and practical chocolate ice cream.

Fruits frozen in ice cube trays

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As we have seen so far, you can freeze a multitude of things in ice cube trays. In the case of fruit, it’s great because in addition to preserving fruit for longer, ice cubes can be used to enhance juices and drinks.

Ice molds for molding sushi

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For those who love sushi and like to prepare it at home, a good tip is to use ice cube trays as a mold. This tip is great for making your sushi standardized and cute in mini size.

coffee cubes

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For those who love coffee, especially iced coffee, this tip is great and practical. Just make the coffee as you wish and place it in ice cube trays to freeze. So, you can use the coffee cubes for various recipes, with milk, chocolate and whatever your creativity dictates.

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