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Hygienic grooming for cats: understand why it is necessary


Contrary to what many tutors think, it is also necessary to carry out the hygienic grooming for cats as this is part of the essential care that every cat needs.

But everything will depend on the size of the cat’s hair as well as the frequency with which it falls out. This ends up disrupting the pet’s quality of life. Furthermore, ingesting hairballs can harm your feline’s health.

However, it is important to know that there are two types of grooming for cats. Traditional grooming, which consists of trimming the animal’s hair so that it remains uniform. And, hygienic grooming, which is the subject of this article. Find out more below!

Professional grooming cats

Do cats need to be groomed?

There are owners who usually cut and brush their feline’s coat regularly, but in some cases, in addition to hair maintenance care, some cats need to be groomed.

A hygienic grooming for cats It is not necessary for all breeds. However, felines that live in warmer regions and have a greater volume of fur tend to experience a lot of heat. Therefore, cats with this profile need hygienic grooming.

How is cat grooming done?

There is a specific machine to carry out the hygienic grooming for catsthat’s why, it is not possible to groom the cat at home, as you need experience, knowledge and a lot of care. Furthermore, the act may cause an accident.

For this reason, cat grooming must be carried out by a professional with adequate preparation for handling and applying the machine to the animal’s skin.

A hygienic grooming is done in areas that require hygiene. Among them are: belly, perianal area, anal area and pads and lower part of the paws. Thus, the practice generates many benefits for the animal.

Professional performing the cat grooming procedure

Benefits of grooming cats

In addition to ensuring the feline’s hygiene, grooming has a special focus on specific parts of the animal’s body, as these areas are more susceptible to dirt, bad odors and a lot of hair accumulation.

Once this is done, it is possible to reduce the risk of accidents related to the high amount of hair on the lower part of the paws, and reduce the ingestion of hairballs in the feline’s body.

Which cat breeds need grooming

Despite being super demanding when it comes to staying clean, there are cat breeds that also need hygienic grooming.

Check out the main cat breeds that need grooming:

– Angora;

– Lost;

– Siberian;

– Main Coon;

– Himalayas;

– Norwegian Forest.

Very hairy cat that needs grooming

Where to perform cat grooming

The most reliable and safe place to carry out hygienic grooming for cats, It’s at the Pet Shop.

Not so much, cat grooming It is not a frequent habit, so make sure that the place actually performs this procedure, as well as the quality of the equipment, the hygiene of the place and the service provided by the professional.

Furthermore, there are some ways to calm your feline so that shearing can be carried out smoothly, among them are:

– Do not interfere with his sleep routine, take him to be groomed when he is most active;

– Let the feline know the territory;

– Keep the pet calm;

– Offer him plenty of affection to relax;

– Interact with the professional who will perform the procedure.

What are the grooming procedures for cats?

When checking that the place meets all the requirements for cleaning your feline, check how the process works. Check it out below:

Combing the cat before grooming: It is important that the professional detangles the animal’s hair, as this will make the process easier and give you a better view.

Use of scissors and machine: It is common for the first step to be to use scissors to reduce the size of the hair and then use clippers to ensure a better finish.

General tools for cat grooming: Make sure the following instruments are used: scissors, trimmer, towel, combing brush and clean cloth.

Hygienic grooming for cats: understand why it is necessary

Now that you know how necessary the hygienic grooming for cats, Schedule an appointment to have your cat groomed at the partner unit closest to your home and ensure your feline’s health, well-being and hygiene.