Receita caseira para hidratar o cabelo com café

Hydration with coffee for straight hair


Anyone who has already moisturized with coffee guarantees: the mask is effective not only in making strands silkier, but also helps prevent hair loss and leaves hair much more nourished and healthy.

The coffee mask is one of the most popular among us women, and also one of the simplest to prepare. If you want to test the powers of this hydration for your hair, check out some of its benefits and what you will need to prepare it in the next few lines.

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Benefits of coffee for hair

Ground coffee, when applied to the scalp, acts as a natural hair exfoliant, stimulating blood circulation in the region and deeply cleaning the scalp, which tends to accumulate impurities, thus stimulating the growth of new hair.

So that you can enjoy the benefits of the coffee mask for straight hair, below we present an easy and quick recipe option with the product. Be sure to read and test.

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Homemade recipe to moisturize your hair with coffee


  • 3 spoons of moisturizing cream of your choice (opt for white versions)
  • 2 tablespoons of ground coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Preparation Mode:

  • In a small pot, mix the hydration cream, coffee powder and olive oil until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  • Now just apply.

How to use homemade coffee mask for straight hair:

  • The homemade coffee mask for straight hair should be applied after washing with shampoo.
  • It is also recommended that you remove excess water and untangle your hair before putting on the mask.
  • Apply the mixture with coffee strand by strand, massaging from root to tip.

Action Time:

  • After applying the mask to the last strand, let the product act for approximately ten minutes.
  • Then, rinse well until the coffee powder residue is removed and, if desired, finish with conditioner.

How often should I use it?

The recipe can be applied weekly or every fifteen days. You can also alternate it with another homemade mask recipe that we teach you here on the Beauty and Fashion Site. Check out the options and create your hair schedule, which should contain at least one hydration mask, one nutrition mask and one reconstruction mask per month.


The recipe is completely natural, meaning you can use it without worry.

Have you seen that even coffee can become a great ally for your hair, helping to make it softer, silkier and full of life? So it is. This homemade recipe, which many women are unaware of, is a traditional hair hydration formula for straight hair.

In addition to hydrating with coffee, there are other ways to treat straight hair. Follow our publications on Google News and stay up to date with everything.