Huto: Japanese star in Moema, São Paulo

Huto: Japanese star in Moema, São Paulo

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Another unmissable gastronomic tip in São Paulo! I went to see Huto, a Japanese restaurant starring in Moema, owned by restaurateur Fabio Yoshinobu Honda. Opened in 2007, it won a Michelin star in the year of its birth, which remains to this day. With a small and intimate atmosphere, the restaurant offers both omakase (Japanese tasting menu) and à la carte options. In fact, the experience becomes even more exclusive when we sit at the counter, where we can closely monitor the chef's meticulous work. Furthermore, the Huto Group has two other houses in SP: Huto Kohi, in Itaim, and Huto Izakaya, in Campo Belo. Therefore, see below for more details about this formidable Japanese in São Paulo.

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Japanese starred in Moema

Pupil of Jun Sakamoto, Fabio Honda worked for six years with the renowned Japanese chef, from whom he certainly learned a lot. Thus, he built his own identity and opened Huto, in Moema, in 2007. Despite also cooking, the person who runs the restaurant on a day-to-day basis is the talented chef Sergio Miyai.

Huto's environment is elegant and discreet, with stone walls. In addition to some tables in the room, there is the counter, where I chose to sit, and something I love to do in Japanese restaurants, to closely monitor all the sushi chefs' work. Chef Sergio even shows us the fresh fish that will be served on the menu.

Menu by chef Claude Troisgros on Azul international flights

In this Japanese restaurant in Moema, there are three omakase options, I with five dishes and eight sushis, II with two dishes and fifteen varied sushis, and III, in which the chef chooses what will be served, according to the which is available on the day.

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Among the sushi, a selection of the freshest such as mackerel, salmon belly, and some delicacies, such as bluefin toro and mekajiki. Among the dishes, the Canadian scallops and the delicate uni and yuzu risotto were surprising. Omakase menus also include desserts, such as traditional stuffed motis, made with rice dough. In fact, it is also worth mentioning the beautiful ceramic crockery where the dishes are served.

In fact, an impeccable Japanese gastronomic experience at this star hotel in Moema!

End: Avenida Jandira 677.

Text and photos by Renata Araújo.