Como amolar alicate de unha e cutícula em casa

How to sharpen cuticle and nail clippers at home? Easy techniques


Are the pliers not as good as they used to be? Solve the problem yourself, in 5 minutes! Learn how to sharpen cuticle nippers at home, without spending anything:

Anyone who usually does their nails at home knows that, in addition to scissors, nail polish and sandpaper, cuticle nippers are an essential item in every woman’s personal manicure kit. The problem, however, is that they are very sensitive tools and lose cutting and efficiency easily.

When this happens, the situation gets pretty annoying, doesn’t it? The pliers start to fail, leaving the cuticle all chopped up, causing the person to get injured, taking out the famous “steaks”, and so on. In short, it’s a nuisance.

But, an even bigger inconvenience is having to leave the house to take the cuticle pliers to the molar, right? That’s why we wrote today’s article: there’s a way to solve the problem yourself at home, in less than 5 minutes, without spending anything! Isn’t it fantastic?

As you will see below, all you need are simple materials, which everyone has at home, to help with this task. Could you imagine such ease?

Learn how to sharpen cuticle nippers at home:

1. Aluminum foil

You know that aluminum foil, often used in the kitchen, like to cover roasts? Well, it’s also great for sharpening cuticle nippers at home. You just need to make a ball with the paper and use the pliers to cut it, pulling out little pieces.

In the video, you can see how to do it:

Cool huh?

2. Nail file

Don’t have aluminum foil at home? If you have a nail file in your manicure kit you can also sharpen your cuticle nippers at home. Just pass the sandpaper over the internal and external parts of the blade, but in one direction.

See the step by step:

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Source: Bolsa de Mulher