How to remove labels from glass jars and bottles without leaving glue residue

How to remove labels from glass jars and bottles without leaving glue residue


Hot water, washing powder and more. Discover how to remove labels from glass jars and bottles, without leaving any glue residue and effortlessly.

Reusing pots, jars, bottles and other glass containers is much more than fashion, nowadays it is a necessity, so that the environment does not suffer so much from the excessive disposal of materials that take a long time to decompose. However, remove labels from glass jars to make them look cute; As everyone knows, it's not very simple.

If you've ever tried to do this without the help of any other device, you've certainly realized that it doesn't work. This is because the label tears, parts remain stuck and what's worse: traces of glue, difficult to remove, remain stuck to the posts.

The good news, however, is that if you like to reuse these glass containers, we have selected some great tips for removing labels from posts and glass bottles in a second, without any effort.

As you will see, the little tricks are very simple and use things that you certainly have at home (or that are very simple to get), such as hot water, oil, white vinegar, washing powder and so on.

How to remove labels from glass jars and bottles

1. Hot water

Heat the water enough so that the glasses can still be immersed in it. Then just leave the jars and bottles with the labels submerged for 20 minutes. Then just use a spatula or dishwashing sponge to loosen them.

2. White vinegar

Place water in a place where the glass can get wet and add a few drops of liquid detergent. Then, also add a few cups of white vinegar, which will help dissolve the glue with its acidity.

After about 40 minutes, you will be able to remove labels from jars and glass bottles without any difficulty, and without leaving that annoying residue of glue.

3. Coconut oil

You just have to smear the label with coconut oil (or even soy) and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then, with the help of a cloth or sponge, remove the oil and the label, which will be “easy” to come off.

4. Laundry soap

You just have to put the water in a container that fits the glasses and add washing powder. Stir the water well to dissolve the soap and, once it foams, just place the containers with the labels submerged overnight. They will leave without causing any problems!

5. Hairdryer

Simply place the hair dryer, very hot, focused on the tip of the label for 45 minutes. If the label does not come off easily, repeat the process for another 45 minutes, so that the glue becomes soft and releases.

NOTE: this method only works if the label is not very stuck to the glass.

How to remove the remaining glue

If there is any leftover glue left on glass jars and bottles, even after following the tips above, don't worry. Below, we have listed some simple and instant ways to remove them completely.

1. Remove nail polish

After removing labels from jars, if any glue remains, a good way to clean it is using paper soaked in nail polish remover. Just rub the product over these glue dots.

If there is a larger residue, also use a dishwashing sponge to help remove it.

2. Oil

Simply scrub the glue off the glass with a dishwashing sponge dipped in cooking oil.

3. Alcohol gel

Another very efficient method is to rub the remaining glue from the pot with a dry cloth, with a little of the product. The surface is clean without much effort.

So, did you like the tips? Do you know of any other efficient tricks for removing labels from glass jars that we haven’t mentioned? Don't forget to tell us!

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