How to make crispy fries

How to make crispy fries


Do your fries get soggy? So you’ve been frying potatoes wrong all your life! Discover now the trick to making crispy, dry fries:

You’re at home, peacefully, when you get that uncontrollable urge to eat crispy, dry fries. What do you do? Run to McDonald’s? Are you content with the soggy potatoes you can make at home?

None of that! When this happens, the right answer is: run to the Women’s Area and get the perfect recipe, to get crispy, perfect, golden fries that are much better than those from any fast food outlet!

That’s right, you can now learn how most people you know have fried potatoes the wrong way their entire lives! And you’ll discover that this is why, just because, not everyone likes eating fries at home.

Another thing you are about to discover is that one of the big secrets to getting crispy fries is to remove all the excess water that this tuber (yes, the potato is a tuber) can release. Plus, of course, double-frying causes all the crunch in the world to accumulate in your chips.

And best of all: you can get crispy and appetizing fries, even using frozen potatoes, instead of natural potatoes. Did you know all this? Of course not? So come learn!

Discover how to make crispy fries:

1. Start by choosing the potatoes

They need to be healthy and must be medium in size: neither too small nor too big. The pinkest potatoes, known as asterix, are best for frying.


2. Decide on the cut

The potatoes need to be cut symmetrically, to look nice, in slices or strips. In the first case, slice very thinly. Now, in strips, the potatoes need to be, on average, half a centimeter thick.


3. Cook the potatoes before frying

To have crispy fries, you need to ensure that they do not lose water during the frying process. To do this, cook the already sliced ​​potatoes for a few moments, until they start to soften (slightly).

Then, drain the hot water and place them directly in cold water. This will prevent them from continuing to cook.

If you are using frozen potatoes, you will obviously skip all these processes. When frying, it needs to go into the pan while it is still frozen. So, just follow the next steps on the list, starting at #5.


4. Dry the potatoes

As soon as you drain all the water from the potato, you need to dry all the remaining water. Use a paper towel for this.


5. First frying

Once properly dried, the potatoes need to be fried for the first time and, for this, the oil needs to be extremely hot. As soon as the first potato in the portion starts to turn brown, it’s time to remove them all.


6. Let the potatoes rest

At this point in the process, the potatoes need to drain off excess oil and rest. You shouldn’t touch them again for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, keep the oil hot, over low heat.


7. Second frying

As your oil maintains its temperature, you won’t have much trouble completing the process and getting your dream of crispy home-made fries. Now, just let them fry until they are golden.


8. Serve

Once the potatoes are free of excess oil, you just need to add a little salt and enjoy your work.


See how easy it is?

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