How to cut a cat's claw: check out infallible tips

How to cut a cat’s claw: check out infallible tips


Saber how to cut a cat’s nail It is essential to guarantee the health, comfort and well-being of the animal.

And just like us humans, cat’s nails often grow, and cutting them may not be such a simple task, as it all depends on the feline’s personality.

Therefore, it is important that owners know how to cut their feline’s nails safely.

Continue reading and find out how to do this and what the options are if your pet is more skittish.

It is essential to know how to cut feline nails, as it is necessary to guarantee a good experience for them.

After all, why cut the cat’s nail?

In addition to being an issue basic hygienewhen the feline’s claws become too long, they can cause discomfort and pain to the pet, as well as to the owner, as scratches and damage to household furniture are almost inevitable.

However, it is essential to know how to cut feline nails, as it is necessary to guarantee a good experience for them, use the correct tools and master cutting techniques.

How often should I cut a cat’s nails?

This frequency will depend on the growth of your pet’s nails, but in general the periodicity is 2x a month.

How to cut cat’s claws correctly

There are a few methods to cut a cat’s nail so that it’s calm for him, check it out below!

Start early

Getting your feline used to the nail trimming routine is essential to avoid trauma during the process. This way he will understand that the practice of cutting his nails does not pose any risk to him.

However, for pets that were adopted as adults, the ideal is to simulate the act of cutting their nails several times, until he is used to it and you can actually cut.

Before cutting your cat's nails, keep your pet calm and safe.

Keep your pet calm and safe

Before cutting your feline’s nails, make sure he is calm and feeling safe. To do this, offer the toys he likes, caress him and touch his paws little by little until you realize that he is no longer resistant to it.

Use snacks

If your pet is relaxed and eating his favorite snack, the process of cutting his nails will become easier, because while the animal is eating, you can trim his claws and he will have positive associations with this moment.

Use cat nail clippers

Nail clippers were designed especially for cats, as they have a more comfortable fit, as well as providing greater safety.

Technique for cutting the cat’s nail

Be very careful and attentive when trim your cat’s clawsas the wrong cut can reach the blood vessels, and cause a lot of pain and bleeding in the animal.

Therefore, make sure you are only cutting the white part of the tusk. Furthermore, the cat’s nail clipper should be placed at a 45-degree position, and if you think it’s better, just trim the tips and then the rest.

It is essential to know how to cut feline nails, as it is necessary to guarantee a good experience for them.

Seek professional help

In some cases, the feline’s behavioral reaction can make this process dangerous. Therefore, seek professional help at a pet shop, and ensure your pet’s safety, as well as instructions from your veterinarian for cutting your cat’s nails at home.

Seek professional help to cut your cat's nails

Step by step how to cut a cat’s nail

Now that you know the correct way to do this, check out the step by step!

  • Separate your pet’s favorite snack and the appropriate cutter;
  • Calm the animal until it is relaxed; give him the snack;
  • While your pet eats, calmly cut the tips of their nails.

Attention points

When trimming your pet’s nails, you need to pay attention to some points of attention. We brought here some important actions mentioned by the veterinary behaviorist and consultant at Pet Anjo, Daniel Svevo:

“We have to be careful not to hurt the cat by cutting the nail too much. Because inside it has a blood vessel and innervation, so we must only cut its tip.”

Furthermore, the specialist brings another very important point about which nails should be trimmed:

“As the purpose of cutting nails is to prevent the cat from using them to scratch, there is no need to cut the nails on the fifth digit, or on the back paws.”

Never pull out your cat’s nails

Scratching is a normal and natural cat behavior. And this practice serves to remove dead shells, mark territory, and stretch your muscles.

However, some people mistakenly believe that their cats will stop scratching everything by removing their feline’s nails.

However, declawing is already illegal in many European countries, including the United Kingdom, as well as Israel, Australia and New Zealand. In Brazil, the practice is prohibited by the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine.

Side effects of cat declawing

Check out the main ones below:

  • Pain in the paws;
  • Infection;
  • Tissue necrosis (tissue death);
  • Claudication (commonly pain caused after physical exertion, due to poor blood circulation that leaves the heart and, through the arteries, goes towards the legs and arms);
  • Back pain due to changes in the way kittens step on the floor;
  • Nerve damage and regrowth may occur from improperly removed claws.

Now that you know all the details of how to cut cat nailskeep following the Pet Anjo blog for more tips like this!