How to choose the best cockatiel vivarium

How to choose the best cockatiel vivarium


As cockatiels They are birds with a happy, sociable, fun and charming profile, but in order for them to always remain that way, it is necessary to guarantee all essential care, as well as a comfortable, sanitized and risk-free environment, in other words, a great cockatiel vivarium.

Because when the nursery is always kept clean and organized, it can increase its Life expectancy.

Therefore, we separate the best tips for you choose the right nursery and maintain the health and well-being of your cockatiel. Read more and find out!

Check out how to choose the best cockatiel nursery

How to choose a cockatiel vivarium?

When choosing a cockatiel cage, you need to consider factors such as: material, size, location and accessories.

Therefore, analyze the following situations:

Covered nursery: ideal for places where the pet will be more exposed to the weather, so the covered cockatiel cage will serve as protection.

Steel nursery: Very similar to a cage, this type of material is ideal for indoor environments.

Nursery with wheels: It is widely used, as it facilitates movement and allows the bird to stay both inside and outside the house.

Craft nursery or wood: indicated for less agitated birds.

Two cockatiels on a branch

How big is the cockatiel cage?

The idea of ​​the aviary is for the birds to be more comfortable, and consequently, to have more space, considering that they can fly, jump and play.

Therefore, it is essential that the aviary is large enough to accommodate all the birds that will live inside.

Thus, the ideal size of a cockatiel cage It is 3m x 1m x 2m, for 1 or 2 couples and 4m x 3m x 2m, to include the puppies.

What to put in the cockatiel vivarium?

The space requires the following accessories:

If you don't know which accessories are right for your cockatiel, don't worry. Go to a Cobasi store closest to you and find specialized employees to answer all your questions and help you make the ideal purchase for your pet.


How to care

Check it out below important nursery care tips:

  • Keep the aviary clean, well-maintained and organized, as this guarantees the well-being of the birds;
  • Use cleaning products suitable for your pet;
  • Line the bottom with paper and change it daily (avoid newspapers and magazines, as the ink is harmful to the bird);
  • Dry the nursery well, as leaving it damp can cause fungi and bacteria to proliferate.

Now that you know how easy it is to choose and care for a cockatiel aviary, check out more articles that will help you with bird care.