How to assemble the perfect bed


If before we didn't stop at home, now it's the place we are most often. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail and always want a comfortable and beautiful environment. Therefore, the expert on the subject, Cláudia Simões, owner of the home goods store of the same name, gave tips on how to assemble the perfect bed. So, you can watch a series and enjoy your well-groomed and pleasant corner. Whether alone or in good company.

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How to assemble the perfect bed

To start, we need to use a mattress protector. This way, you give it durability, making it not spoil or stain easily. Next, we have to choose which tones to use. This part is very particular. It will vary according to the color of the room, what bedding sets you have and, of course, your taste. The important thing is that it looks good in your shape and that you feel good.

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How to assemble the perfect bed
Shades of beige and blue go well together

With the tones already defined, choose the bedding sets. Cláudia recommends the ones that are satin, 300 thread count. It tends to be more aligned, doesn't wrinkle as easily, gives a more sophisticated look, as well as being very pleasant and smooth. Afterwards, decide which quilt you want to use, also 300 thread count. They are perfect for staying in the air conditioning or for colder days. To compose and make the bed even more beautiful, choose pillow holders that match the bedspread.

Renata Araújo and Cláudia Simões
Renata Araújo and Cláudia Simões

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Finally, to create that ideal environment for watching a movie, add some cushions and a footrest, which is lined, preferably like a blanket. This way, if you want to lie down in the afternoon to read a book, for example, you can cover yourself without having to make your bed.

For those who sleep in very cold air or live in cold places, it's still worth adding a burgundy duvet. At the Cláudia Simões store you will find spectacular ones in different colors.

How to assemble the perfect bed
Without a doubt you won't want to get out of bed

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Cláudia Simões House Store

Did you like the tips? Are you going to assemble your bed? Was there an item missing? The store is in Ipanema, Rio. But you can access the website and choose your product or place an order via WhatsApp. There are several options for bedding sets, duvets and everything your room needs to be very cozy. Deliveries in the city are made within 24 hours. So, it's worth ordering and putting together the perfect bed. Then, just grab the popcorn and run to watch Netflix.

Cláudia Simões Casa
The store is in Ipanema, Rio

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Text by Marina Moraes and Renata Araújo.

Photos by Marina Moraes and Instagram reproduction.