Spa caseiro com banheiro decorado

Homemade Spa: 11 tricks to turn your bathroom into a spa at home!

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Have you ever thought about the benefits of a homemade spa? Modern life is hectic—we can even say it is frantic. And in the midst of a thousand and a daily events, we certainly deserve to create some special moments. Therefore, having a space at home that is dedicated only to you makes all the difference!

After all, who has never wanted that famous “princess day” in a spa? This relaxation and decompression experience can be replicated in various ways at home, and adapted to any budget.

From well thought-out architecture to small objects like aromatic candles, you can use a number of different tricks to create the homemade spa itself. We will tell you what they are!

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How to turn the bathroom into a homemade spa?

There are two ways to bring the atmosphere from a spa at home to your bathroom. The first is through architecture, and the way the room is planned — before you even use it.

The second is through the decoration and small key elements that make the bath moment more special. A good example is aromatic candles.

We’ll talk about the two here — starting with architecture!

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How to decorate a bathroom type spa?

1. Use wood

Decoração com madeira no home spa

The decoration with wood is a resource very used to give warmth to the environments. Don’t be afraid to use it in your bathroom!

But how do you use wood in a damp environment? This doubt is very common. But it can be quiet: as long as the bathroom is well ventilated, and that you do not apply the material directly to the shower area, for example, there is no problem.

There are many ways to use wood in the décor. It can be used as a coating, for example. In that case, she goes from the walls to the floor. How about a deck that leads to the bathtub?

On the other hand, it can be a decorative accent — present in the cabinets, shelves, in the mirror frame… and even in the niches in which you support your beauty products.

Decoração de spa caseiro com nichos e madeira

Want to bring the appearance of wood to the wet areas of the bathroom? Bet on coatings that mimic the texture and colors of it, such as porcelain tiles. They have low porosity, which means they absorb less water. Ideal for this kind of space!

Wallpaper can also be a great way to bring that special touch to the environment, since there are currently many alternatives, including waterproofs, that can be used even in the bathroom.

See more tips on Wallpaper: what types, how to place and where to use.

Decoração com madeira no home spa

2. Paint your bathroom accordingly

When you think of tranquility, what colors come to mind? Well, they are the ones you should apply to the decoration of your home spa. This includes painting the walls!

In addition to wood, using neutral tones in the decoration is usual to détign this type of space. Among the most popular are white and off-white, spa-style coringas.

Tip: Painting everything white can seem dull at first sight. But in addition to bringing a clean atmosphere to your environment, the color is ideal if you want to install LED lights for chromotherapy!

3. Install LEDS for chromotherapy

At first glance, chromotherapy may seem like a very complex concept. But it is not! In short, it consists of the use of light in different shades to aid in the balance of body and mind. It is closely related to color psychology!

The hottest spas have chromotherapy treatments in their addictions. You can do it at home too!

The most practical way is to buy high-tech showers, which already have the built-in functionality. Simple as that.

Cromoterapia para spa caseiro no chuveiro

Another alternative is to use smart lights, LED lamps that can be completely configured by your mobile phone. They are more expensive than ordinary light bulbs, but they are really customizable — from color to light intensity!

What is the effect of each nuance? We tell you:

  • Blue: inspires calm, honesty, kindness and inner peace
  • Yellow: stimulates creativity, logic, intellect and lightness in your daily life
  • Green: brings balance, harmony and encourages social and communication skills
  • Orange: helps both creativity and productivity, also conferring optimism
  • Red: collaborates in energy recovery and willpower, beyond spontaneity

Although we talk a lot about bathtubs, you don’t need one to make a spa at home. Chromotherapy, for example, can be done without any problem in a shower bath. However, it is undeniable that they are perfect for relaxing and enjoying a little time alone. If you are thinking about having one but do not know how to choose, check out our subject about bathtub types!

4. Bet on natural materials

With this trick, we follow the rule of wood. The more natural fibers, the more cozy the environment gets!

It’s also very easy to use them, you see? Invest mainly in baskets. Thus, you guarantee the decorative charm and practicality of the piece to organize your objects.

We also highlight that the natural materials are high in the decoration. See what they are and how to use them with lots of inspirational photos. In addition to Baskets and boxes, how to use them in the organization of environments, exploring all their versatility.

Spa caseiro: decoração com madeira e cestos de fibras naturais

5. Have plants!

How about bringing the outdoors into the house? Urban jungle, is a super concept on the rise, because bringing plants and flowers into the house, it is like having photosynthesizing friends. They help make your home more inviting, cleanse the air and make you a human being more harmonic!

Oh: you can also use pots and plants to further enhance the organic look of the environment.

Green, after all, is an indispensable resource of decoration to purify the air around us and emphasize the atmospheres of coziness. What’s more, you can still invest in plants that multiply that feeling!

See also our Succulent Garden special: cheap, easy to care for, discover types and 47 inspirational photos to give that special touch to the decoration.

Decoração natural para home spa

There is a clever trick, for example, which is to put eucalyptus branches tied to the head of your shower. This way, when you take a warm shower, the steam helps to release the aroma of these leaves. All right: you have just had an aromatic, tasty and simple bath, without having to have a bathtub at home.

Chuveiro com eucalipto para relaxar em casa

Just be careful: when decorate with pots, look for the plants that do well in humid places. Aloe vera and bamboo are good options — the latter, valuable from the point of view of feng shui.

So search well before playing in decoration with plants! Invest in them for natural beauty and its properties, but be willing to take care of every species you choose.

6. Use a tray for bathtub

Do your home spa plans have soaking in a delicious tub? Take the opportunity to put a reading on time, have a tea, or even champagne.

In most photos and spa inspirations at home, we see trays or wooden planks over the tub. They are used to place the main elements of that bath, and allow you to spend more time there. After all, they offer support for your favorite book or even a tablet.

And if you don’t already have a bathtub for the sake of space, see our small Bathtub tips with 10 decorations and models that can fit in your bathroom.

Spa caseiro com banheira

If you don’t usually like doing nothing for too long, this is an alternative to enjoy the moment with an additional entertainment.

In fact, when we talk about DIY projects, we teach the step by step of a wooden tray. Take a look: maybe you can’t adapt and make one for your bathtub?

Banheiro vintage com decoração de spa caseiro

7. Throw textures hand on the floor

Chuveiro com piso de pedrinhas no spa em casa

In the photo above, the shower area has white pebbles and a kind of wooden slats carpet. The different textures, especially the stones, are used to take care of the feet.

You can bet on this as an architectural addition, in the way it was made in the image. Or, look for carpets made of pebble. They have a similar effect by massaging feet during use.

Other Simple Tricks for Your Spa at Home

It is not only with an architectural design and a specific decoration that you reach the perfect climate for the home spa. They both help, and a lot, it is true! However, you can create your special self-care day anywhere.

Some tricks can increase the environment in surprisingly simple ways. In the meantime, you enjoy several different beauty and relaxation rituals.

Bet on the candles

Oh, the candles! They are a wild partner of moments of relaxation. There are two reasons for that.

The first is light. A set of candles, in a bathroom with the light off, creates a special setting conducive to rest. It is that the ambient light usually keeps us alert.

The lights of the bathrooms by themselves are usually intense, since it is in this type of environment in which we get ready. Unless you have a dimmer—that is, adjustable lighting—you won’t completely relax if you leave them on your spa day at home.

Therefore, the light out in combination with lit candles is a sure recipe for relaxation.

Banheiro com velas para spa caseiro

The second reason to bet on candles is the aroma. You can choose products with different smells, based on the sensations you want to stimulate during your bath. The mint or the eucalyptus, which we mentioned up there, for example, are both refreshing options. They are asked for certain for those who have low immunity or suffer from allergies because they help with respiratory processes.

Lavender healing candles are interesting for those who need to relax deeply. In aromatherapy, this plant is known for its tranquilizing powers.

Did you know you can even make healing candles at home? With few ingredients and essential oils of your choice, you customize your bathing moment and it makes it even more delicious.

Como fazer um spa em casa na banheira

Use a diffuser

If you don’t want to use or don’t like candles, no problem. You can get a similar effect, in relation to the aromas, with a diffuser! It still brings the advantage of you being able to use and mix the essential oils you want. They can always be different in each bath — and you don’t take a hostage to use a candle until it’s over.

Make a homemade clay mask

Do not restrict self-care to bathing. Bet on the complete ritual! For this, also take care of the face.

The clay mask is an affordable alternative to create a spa day at home. This is because you can buy ready-made products that contain the desired clay, or buy them in bulk. Just put in a beautiful glass jar and use whenever you want.

Máscara de argila no home spa

Each color of clay helps the skin of the face with different properties:

  • Green: this clay is one of the most popular, used in the maintenance of oily and acneic furs
  • White: preferred to those who have sensitive skin, white clay helps to lighten manche, with healing effect
  • Black: this clay also helps in the whitening of the spots, besides having anti-inflammatory action to the skin
  • Red: used to stimulate circulation, red clay is recommended for skin “detoxification”
  • Yellow: partner of anti-aging treatments, this clay has revitalizing properties
Tipos de argila para fazer home spa

Just be on the look at the way of using the clay, you see? The most suitable is to place it in a clean pot, dissolving with a thermal water or a tea of natural herbs that match the purpose of the clay. The texture should be pasty, neither too liquid nor thick to the point of getting pellets.

Then you should pass generous layers on the face. And under no circumstances let your clay dry completely: it can do harm to the skin! Treatment should last from 15 to 30 minutes on average. When it is drying out, you can sprinkle more thermal water or tea to moisturize it.

Personalize your bath salts

The purpose of bath salts is not just to leave the bath colorful and have a good smell. Quite the contrary: they are used to actually treat the skin, moisturizing it while you are immersed in the water. They don’t need to be bought to have a good effect!

In general, this type of product is easy to make, always containing essential oils that also help in emotional maintenance.

How about making bath salts especially for your home spa? In our matter about energetic baths, we teach several of them, including the full moon bathing ritual, to renew their energies.

Below, we also indicate a recipe inspired by the chai latte, made to leave your skin perfect and warm the heart.

Sais de banho para home spa

Ingredients: Ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup of sea salt
  • 2 1/8 cups of milk powder
  • 1/4 cup of maizena
  • 3 drops of cardamom essential oil
  • 2 drops of ginger essential oil
  • 4 drops of cinnamon essential oil
  • 3 drops of clove essential oil
  • 1/4 cup of rose healaia salt
  • 2 tablespoons of chai leaves
  • 1 beautiful jug with seal

To do, the first step is to combine salt, powdered milk and maizena. Mix with a fork, to leave the mixture very loose. Put it in your jar. In a separate bowl, place the white salt of the Himalayan followed by the drops of essential oils above it. Then mix well again!

Now you can put everything together, including the chai leaves on top of the pot. Your first recipe for homemade spa bath salts is ready!

Did you like the ideas? Now just put them into practice. Mark your homemade spa on the calendar and make that day a really special occasion. You deserve it!

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