Grand hotel Tremezzo no lago de como

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – sophisticated accommodation on Lake Como


The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the best hotel in Lombardy and certainly a sophisticated lodging on Lake Como. Considered an icon of the Italian hotel, this 1910 palace is a pearl of architecture and is opposite the small Bellagio. Just an hour’s drive from Milan, it has 90 rooms and five great restaurants. In addition, it also has an award-winning spa, several swimming pools and super attentive service! Open from March to October, it is ideal for days of relaxation in one of the most exclusive regions of Italy. To top it off, it takes the quality seal from Preffered Hotels. Take the opportunity to read also about the wines and truffles of Piedmont.

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Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Enchanted with this sophisticated accommodation on Lake Como

Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como

Address of celebrities such as actor George Clooney and singer Madonna, the landscape of Italy’s third largest lake is sublime! One of those places that leave you hypnotized and where we feel your romantic aura sludge face. With 146 km 2, and 416 meters, Lake Como is one of the deepest in Europe, with 416 meters. It is located in the north of the country, very close  to the border with Switzerland, a region called Lombardy. The lake has Y format and in addition, there are dozens of charming towns scattered around it, with palaces, villas and dozens of hotels.

Hospedagem no Lago de Como
Lake of Como
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Map Map

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Therefore, what makes his landscape unique are his mountains, more than 2,000m tall, which complete the picture. In fact, the ideal is to stay close to Bellagio – surely a dazzle of medieval town – and not in Como, the most populous city in the region, however, not the most beautiful. That is, that’s exactly what I did: I chose my location through the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, in a strategic position. After all, I dreamed of meeting. My choice could not have been happier! He is in Tremezzina, right in front of Bellagio. In ten minutes by ferry, we cross and arrive in the mythical Italian city.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
A Ferry in Bellagio

I must confess that the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
The unique place

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Luxury on Lake Como

With the Preffered Hotels seal, it has only 90 rooms and has a façade beyond imposing. This former palace is a classic and glamorous hotel, where the new and the old live together in harmony. The type of hotel you should book a couple of days just to explore it, so beautiful that it is. There are five restaurants, three swimming pools and a spa, considered one of the best in the world. So, from boredom, you will never die. On the contrary, it is difficult to get out of there. After all, it’s a hundred years of history – it survived wars and was still mentioned in the film “Grand Hotel” (1932), by the mythical Greta Garbo. That is, his charm was properly preserved and he continues to offer the traditional hospitality of an Italian family.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Facade of Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como


The 90 rooms are divided into four categories, with 35m2 and 40m2, plus six suites, between 50m2 and 80 m2. The decor is elegant, with Belle Époque style furniture, but adapted for today. The view can vary to the garden or the Lake and to the hotel's beautiful pool. King beds and everything that the most demanding travelers need are available. Meanwhile, marble bathrooms end the scenery with luxury and refinement.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
My room, certainly classic!
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Room details, view, minibar and treats
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como

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The suites

Already the four rooftop suites, with a deer views of the Lake, have decoration with a more contemporary touch. in addition to large balconies with private jacuzzis. Have you thought? The Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como brings together sophistication, good taste and an indescribable look!

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
On the balcony of my room, which had a beautiful view of the lake

The Swimming Pools

The pools of this luxury lodge on the Lake of Como are sensational! The highlight and symbol of the hotel is certainly Water On The Water – a breathtaking floating pool. From inside, from outside, from above, from wherever, one of the most beautiful pools I have ever seen. Next to it there is a private beach, with sand and sun loungers, ideal for taking a sun by the Lake. In addition, the T Beach restaurant (details below) is also there.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
A beautiful swimming pool
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
The private beach

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The pool dei Fiori is located in the back of the hotel in the middle of the lush gardens. Also very beautiful and very quiet, surrounded by green.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Beautiful swimming pool in Grand Tremezzo
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como

T Spa Infinity Pool is covered and heated and is inside the hotel spa, with a jacuzzi on the outside. An invitation to warmer nights.

Impossible not to remember the landscaping of the hotel, very well taken care of. There are so many charming corners that the difficult thing for this blogger who writes to you was to stop taking pictures.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
A beautiful landscaping
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Each corner more beautiful than the other!

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It is worth mentioning that the Grand Hotel Tremezzo also has a private boat, vintage, by the way, for pre-scheduled tours. In other words, super exclusive!

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Own hotel boat

The restaurants – luxurious stay on Lake Como

La Terraza

La Terraza, where breakfast is served, is undoubtedly the most pleasant of all. We are practically in the water, so the feeling is of being on a ship. Coffee, in self-service style is super abundant, with everything we have right. The tables all very well put, while the dishes are hand-picked and the beautiful flower arrangements give a touch of joy. Therefore, a spectacular way to start the day and one of the best hotel cafes I have ever had. From the photo you can feel, right?

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
La Terrazza
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Breakfast in the morning
café da manhã com vista
View of breakfast

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The menu

Also open for lunch and dinner, it brings on the menu light dishes that take local products and freshwater fish. But the big star is really the landscape. The blue lake, with the mountains behind, the pool in the middle and contrast with the red awning is a scene I will never forget. You've been on my list of Top 10 Hotels!

restaurante com vista na Itália
View of the restaurant

L’Escale Trattoria & Wine Bar

L’Escale Trattoria & Wine Bar is proud to be the first and only fondue restaurant on Lake Como. So it's the perfect place for a tasting! There are more than 1,300 bottles of red and white wine from the best wineries in Italy. In summer, guests can dine on the charming balcony with the beautiful view of the Lake or else in the hotel’s small romantic garden.

L'Escale Trattoria & Wine Bar
Internal environment of L’escale

T Bar

The T Bar is the classic bar of a luxury hotel. There lunch is served with light dishes from noon to six in the afternoon. Watching the sunset from there is irresistible, while the lights of Bellagio turn on little by little and the scenery changes. In the letter, be sure to try the T-Cocktail, the bartender's specialty. In fact, he has fun every day mixing new ingredients and changing the aroma. In the evening, the T Bar invites you to a drink after dinner in the moonlight and candles. More romantic, impossible!

T Bar
T Bar
restaurante no Lago de Como
The Terrace
The Terrace

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T Beach Beach

This accommodation on Lake Como has a restaurant delight in the middle of the pool, that is, the face of summer! On the menu, grilled fish, meats, vegetables, cheeses and also tasty desserts. The chefs prepared the dishes in front of us, as in a cooking class, with the spectacular Bellagio dipped in the blue of the Lake. Surely moments when we totally forget life.

culinária italiana
Restaurant practically in the pool
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Details of the dishes

All restaurants are run by chef Gualtiero Marchesi and are open to non-guests but it is recommended to book by tel 0344 42491 or by email.

T Pizza

As in the name implies, the ideal place to enjoy an authentic Italian pizza. Next to the Flores Pool, in the garden, an informal and pleasant restaurant, where we can taste classic or creative pizzas baked in the wood oven.

The Romantic Dinners

A spectacular setting like this, certainly inspires romance. Therefore, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers several exclusive corners for a dinner with two unforgettable, either to celebrate a special date, or simply to date a little. The flowers, music, sparkling candles, dishes and silverware are on account of the hotel organization. The moon and the starry sky twist them to appear. And the look of this luxurious lodging in Lake How it never disappears.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Ideal setting for a romantic dinner

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The Spa

With over 1,000 m2 totally dedicated to well-being, the T Spa has a privileged location. Just going in there we already relax. It offers treatments of one of the most exclusive and famous beauty lines in the world, ESPA. Therefore, you can choose between anti-stress massages, anti-aging and rebalancing. They are customized, according to customer demand. In the ESPA philosophy, all products are of natural origin with the best beauty know-how from around the world, from the Middle East to Europe. The spa runs daily from 09:00 to 20:00 and children are not admitted, even if accompanied.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Spa at night
Spa do Grand Hotel Tremezzo
Products ESPA

In addition to the gym, the hotel also offers yoga classes – as if you had to relax in one of these places, but it’s never too much, right? And there are also tennis courts for those who get excited.

The Rooms – sophisticated accommodation in Lake Como

Built in the Belle Époque, its halls are certainly sophisticated and full of details. Highlight for the large windows that give on the lake. The hallways are very lively, with many furniture, paintings and flower arrangements. Even in them we feel the glamour of the time.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Sophistication and glamour

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The details

Named with suggestive names, such as “Music Room”, “Reading Room”, “Bilhar Room”, for example, are cozy rooms and some super colorful. That is, a proof how much the hotel has modernized, by mixing strong colors with traditional ones, of the original decoration. Ideal places to have a coffee or a drink, read, or who for those who need it, work a little, amid a bold and cheerful decoration full of works of art. Finally: if you had doubts of where to stay in the Lombardy region, now you have our lodging tip on Lake Como!

Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
The Billiard Room
salão ono Grand Hotel Tremezzo
The lounge of the cafe

The Neighboring Villas

Next to the hotel is the Villa Carlotta, certainly the most famous of Lake Como. Built in 1690, it is now a museum and a botanical garden, it has over 270,000m2. In addition, the garden in Italian style, is full of steps, flowers, fountains and sculptures: simply divine! Meanwhile, the Villa del Balbianello, used as the setting of James Bond Casino Royale (2006) and Star Wars Episode II, is also not far from the hotel. In short, they are very typical places of the region!

região da Lombardia
Villa Carlotta

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The little Bellagio

With 18th century buildings, narrow and charming streets, Bellagio has its houses all built hill above. They are one colada in the other, with very little room for cars. Walking and getting lost in the alleys is certainly the best option! You can buy Italian leather goods and treats, lunch, have a coffee or a drink, for example. In addition, in the summer it is crowded with rich and famous and the lake, disputed by sportsmen who practice windsurfing, sailors, etc.

The Certainly Beautiful Bellagio
Grand Hotel Tremezzo no Lago de Como
Details of Bellagio
onde ficar na Lombardia
Bellagio view of the lake

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How to get to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como

The easiest way to get to Lake Como is certainly by renting a car (alugue here by RentCars). You can depart from Milan Malpensa Airport (80km), Milan Linate Airport (95km), Lugano Airport – Switzerland (37km), or even Venice Airport (about 300km). It will certainly be a longer trip, but very quiet. But beware, when arriving at this luxurious accommodation on Lake Como, you will no longer need a car unless you want to visit the neighboring cities.

hospedagem no Lago de Como
The best means of transport in Lake Di Como: speedboat

The train

If you don't want to drive, you can also go by train to the city of Como, a little more than 1h travel. From there, you can take a shuttle or bus to the hotel. In fact, Italy is very well connected by trains, so it is an always practical and tasty travel option. However, remember that in Italy trains are not punctual as in Switzerland or France. Now that you know the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como, it is planning and going. Then tell us?

I was guaranteed by GTA Seguros, in partnership with Europcar and Easysim4u, mobile chip.

by Renata Araújo

Photos: Renata Araújo and Disclosure

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