Messy girl: conheça melhor essa estética que é tendência

get to know this trending aesthetic better


The messy girl aesthetic celebrates carefree, messy beauty, incorporating elements like messy hair and relaxed clothing.

The messy girl aesthetic is a trend that celebrates the beauty found in chaos and imperfection. Inspired by a carefree and authentic lifestyle, this aesthetic values ​​spontaneity and individuality.

It is characterized by messy hair, naturally messy makeup and relaxed clothes, the messy girl avoids the rigidity of conventional beauty normsopting for a more relaxed and pattern-free approach.

What is the messy girl aesthetic like?

The Messy Girl aesthetic is a trend that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and informality. Inspired by the idea of ​​a relaxed and unpretentious style, this trend values ​​looks that seem to have been put together without much effort, but still display a peculiar charm.. Key elements of this aesthetic include comfortable, laid-back clothing, such as leather pieces, distressed jeans, as well as baggy pants, and simple accessories.

This rising aesthetic encourages the mixing of pieces from different styles and periods, creating unusual and personalized combinations. Makeup and hair often follow a minimalist approach, with an emphasis on radiant skin and messy hair, reflecting a carefree style free from excessive concerns about appearance.

Finally, this trend also extends to lifestyle, promoting a carefree and laid-back attitude towards social norms and expectations of perfection. It's about embracing authenticity, spontaneity and fun, and rejecting the pressure to conform to conventional beauty ideals. The Messy Girl aesthetic celebrates individuality and freedom of expression, encouraging people to feel confident being who they really are, without worrying about appearances.

Main elements of the messy girl aesthetic

Now that we know a little more about this trend, Find out the main points of this aesthetic below:

In makeup

The trend messy girl in makeup is characterized by a more relaxed and unpretentious approach, where emphasis is placed on natural and somewhat untidy appearance. One of the key elements of this trend is fresh, luminous skin, with a lightweight base that allows the skin's natural imperfections to shine through. This is complemented by a soft blush applied haphazardly to the apples of the cheeks, giving the appearance of naturally flushed cheeks.

On the eyes, the trend favors a more undone and effortless appearance. This can be achieved with shadows in neutral tones blended lightly and unevenly, creating a feeling of depth and mystery.. Eyeliner can be applied subtly and irregularly, with small smudges for a more relaxed effect. The eyebrows are kept natural, with just a slight definition to frame the face.

On the lips, The messy girl trend often opts for nude or pink tones, applied smoothly and unevenly for a carefree look.. The finish can vary from matte to creamy, but always maintaining a light and natural feel.

Messy girl: get to know this trending aesthetic better
Reproduction: Personal Instagram/@anacastelacantora

In the hair

In the hair, is characterized by a laid-back, naturally messy aesthetic that evokes a sense of carefreeness and authenticity. Key elements of this trend include uneven texture, with soft, tousled waves or the use of texturizing sprays.

Furthermore, The messy girl look often incorporates subtle layers to add volume and movement to the hair, creating a fluid, relaxed look. Simplicity is key to this trend, with an emphasis on natural beauty and ease of maintenance, making it popular among those seeking an uncomplicated, modern style.

Messy girl: get to know this trending aesthetic better
Reproduction: Instagram/@dualipa

In clothes and shoes

The messy girl trend in clothing and shoes celebrates the relaxed and laid-back aesthetic, with an emphasis on mixing pieces and a casually messy appearance. A key characteristic of this trend is creative layering, combining different textures, patterns and styles in a single production.. This may include leather pieces and casual trouser models. The All Black presence here is also strong.

As for shoes, The messy girl trend embraces diversity, pairing distressed boots with romantic dresses, casual sneakers with flowy skirts, and even relaxed flip-flops or sandals for a touch of informality. This eclectic, carefree approach allows women to express their individuality and creativity through fashion, without being bound by rigid style standards.

Messy girl: get to know this trending aesthetic better
Reproduction: Personal Instagram/@dualipa
Messy girl: get to know this trending aesthetic better
Reproduction: personal Instagram/@dualipa
Messy girl: get to know this trending aesthetic better
Reproduction: Personal Instagram/@dualipa

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