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O tartar in cats It is a common oral problem and is caused by food residue that accumulates between the feline’s teeth.

However, it is necessary maintain cats’ oral hygiene as teeth must always be healthy for your pet to play, eat and bite.

To help you take care of your cat’s teeth and keep them healthy, away from tartar, we explain everything about the causes, treatments and types of prevention for tartar in cats. Check it out below!

Feline in consultation with the veterinarian to check tartar in cats

What is tartar in cats?

O tartar in cats It happens when there is a formation of bacterial plaque on the feline’s teeth. In other words, this dental calculus appears, little by little, with the accumulation of food residue between the pet’s teeth.

Furthermore, tartar develops over time when adequate oral hygiene is not maintained.

What causes tartar in cats?

Dental tartar in cats happens when they have a proliferation of bacteria arising from a poor teeth hygiene of the feline.

Cat yawning

What can tartar do to your cat?

Excess bacteria accumulated in the animal’s mouth can lead to serious diseases such as periodontal disease and gingivitis. In addition to causing pain and difficulty chewing.

When you think about the great risks that tartar can pose to your cat’s healthconsultant veterinarian Pet Anjo, Dr. Daniel Svevo states:

“These bacteria are attracted to inflamed tissue, that is, if the animal has any inflammation in its body, the bacteria in the mouth enter the bloodstream and are directed towards this inflammation, which can further aggravate the case, which is why it is very important keep your cat’s mouth healthy and tartar-free.”

How do I know if my cat has tartar?

One of the first symptoms of bacterial plaques is bad breath in cats. Furthermore, when observing the feline’s teeth it is possible to notice some tartar symptoms:

– Yellow teeth as if they were stained;

– Bleeding from the animal’s gums;

– Swelling in the gum region;

– Difficulty eating;

– In severe cases, teeth may fall out.

Tutor playing with the cat

How to avoid tartar buildup?

It is very important that owners pay attention to their cats’ dental health. This is because their teeth are an important part of cat care to maintain their health and well-being.

Therefore, the tutor needs to create some habits, to prevent tartar in cats, being them:

– Brush your cat’s teeth every day, or at least 3x a week;

– Use toothpaste recommended for cats;

– Offer quality and permitted food for felines;

– Prefer to offer specific snacks to take care of oral health, as they help to remove food remains from between the teeth;

– Pay attention to any changes in your pet’s mouth;

– Take him to the veterinarian annually for a check-up.

Cat having a veterinary appointment to check its oral health

How to remove tartar from cats’ teeth?

If you notice any change or any of the symptoms mentioned above, whether in the feline’s mouth, food or routine, take him to your veterinarian quickly.

This is because only a professional can examine the situation and recommend the best treatment for your pet.

Furthermore, Tartar removal should only be done by a professionalsafely and with the correct equipment, as the cat will need to be anesthetized to carry out the procedure safely.

However, it is important to highlight that visiting the veterinarian is essential for the health and well-being of the cat, whether preventively or for treatment.