Find out how to take care of your health in summer

Find out how to take care of your health in summer


Summer is the most fun time of the year: we can wear light and colorful clothes, travel, enjoy family and friends, go out, be outdoors and enjoy the sun and heat to get a beautiful tan.

But, despite being the busiest season of the year, summer requires a lot of care, ranging from nutrition to the use of sunscreen.

Check out below valuable tips on how to take care of your summer health:

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How to take care of your health in summer

Necessary care to maintain health in summer

1- Protect your skin against ultraviolet rays

Take care of your summer health It has to be a priority, especially protecting your skin from the sun's rays using protectors with the appropriate protection factor for your skin. This attitude, not only in summer, but in all seasons, can prevent Skin Cancer. Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, can lead to death from a single mole, so always be aware of the appearance of spots on your body, and don't forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

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sunscreen to take care of your health in summer

2- Start taking care of your health in summer from the inside out

Take care of your summer health It's not just about hydrating your skin and using sunscreen regularly. It is important to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water and natural juices to ensure the body is hydrated. Furthermore, you need to eat light foods – preferably healthy foods – as you will probably do a lot of activities throughout the day and won't have time to rest to digest. A very valuable tip for those who are going to travel is to always be aware of the place where you will be eating, so as not to run the risk of suffering from food poisoning and ruining your trip. Avoid mayonnaise and use salads dressed with vinegar, olive oil or lemon.

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Natural juices to maintain your health in summer

3- Avoid diseases such as mycoses and conjunctivitis

In the summer, it is very common for you to go to the beach and/or pool and return with conjunctivitis or beach mycosis, for example. To avoid contracting any disease and ensure your summer health, clean your hands frequently, especially before meals and before touching your eyes and other parts of the body. Whenever you get home, wash your beach clothes and towels with soap and water and let them dry completely in the sun, to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

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Conjunctivitis can compromise your health in the summer

4- Avoid sunburn

Yours summer health It is more important than a tan, so between 10 am and 4 pm, don't be exposed to the sun too much, as during this period there is a peak in ultraviolet rays, which cause sunburn. If your skin feels burning and red, use cortisone-based ointments, moisturizers with aloe vera and drink plenty of fluids to reverse the situation. If you feel a fever and blisters appear on your skin, see a doctor.