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Everything you need to know about cat euthanasia


Increasing the longevity, health and well-being of felines is the mission of any guardian, however, some illnesses or accidents are inevitable and end up changing plans, and in some cases the application of euthanasia in cats if necessary.

However, making this decision is a difficult and painful action for those who love the animal.

Furthermore, there are still many untruths about euthanasia for cats, and this ends up making the decision-making process difficult for owners.

If you want to understand everything about the procedure, read on and find out.

Everything you need to know about cat euthanasia

What is cat euthanasia?

There are diseases and situations that are inevitable, and euthanasia becomes the only option.

The procedure consists of alleviate the pain and suffering the animal is inas there are no more alternatives.

Therefore, when the feline's owner chooses to carry out this intervention, the protocol for applying an intravenous injection to the pet that led to his death begins.

How are cats euthanized?

The responsible veterinarian performs the injection on the cat. And quickly it will make the animal sleep soundly and not feel anything.

After that, professionals will monitor the feline's vital signs until its heart stops beating.

Sick tabby cat lying down

How much does a cat euthanasia cost?

The price will depend on the region where the veterinary clinic is located, but cat euthanasia costs, on average, R$350.00.

Furthermore, after the animal dies, the family can opt for cremation, and this will involve other costs.

When do I know it's time?

According to the Good Practice Guide of the body responsible for regulating the euthanasia of cats and other animals, the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine, the administration of euthanasia is recommended for animals that are suffering from chronic and irreversible diseases, such as the indication of euthanasia in cats with felv.

Furthermore, euthanasia must be performed when the feline acquires rabies, a disease that can be transmitted to humans and is a public health issue.

Black cat lying down

Who will decide?

The recommendation must come exclusively from your veterinarian. However, the procedure is only carried out with the guardian's authorization.

What does the cat feel about euthanasia?

The procedure is completely painless and safethat is, the animal does not feel anything because it falls deeply asleep.

Furthermore, a lot of scientific research has already been carried out and its effectiveness is fully proven.

Because the substances present in the injection give the same effect as a deep anesthesia that humans receive when needing to undergo surgery.

  Everything you need to know about cat euthanasia

What happens when the guardian does not authorize the procedure

Despite being a medical recommendation in order to preserve the pet's well-being, as the condition is irreversible, the final decision is always the owner's.

However, some guardians refuse to carry out the procedure as this is a very delicate decision. In this case, the feline continues with palliative treatment.

Cat playing on scraper

Now that you know the main information about euthanasia in cats. How about sharing this content so that more people know everything about the procedure?

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