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Everything you need to know about cat calming


Felines are very instinctive and therefore are always on alert, and in some situations they end up becoming stressed and agitated, like changes for example, but did you know that there is cat calming?

Everything you need to know about cat calming

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What to do to calm an agitated cat?

Each cat has a personality, and when you notice signs that your feline is having behavioral problems, try to understand if there is any specific reason for certain behavior.

For example, a cat scared of fireworks He will be more agitated during the burn, but there are many ways to calm him down at that particular moment.

Furthermore, we have put together some tips for calm a stressed or nervous cat in any situation. Check out the tips below.

Wait for him to calm down and not make physical contact;

Dim the ambient lights and muffle the sounds;

Offer the animal's favorite toys.

In extreme cases, consult a veterinarian to consider a tranquilizer.

Feline on owner's lap

Can I give a cat tranquilizer?

Before offering calming to your pet, be careful, as in some situations the cat may be very agitated or aggressive due to being in pain, or in some way.

Or, if the feline is very agitated and sleeping little, it may just need more affection, attention and fun. Therefore, always try to understand the reason for your feline's behavior.

However, by disregarding any of these hypotheses, the veterinarian will be able to assess the need and prescribe medication for the pet.

Therefore, just as the cat calmingany and all medications given to the feline need to be prescribed and evaluated by the professional.

This is because the individual characteristics of the animal are considered even when defining the medication dosage, as incorrect handling can be fatal.

Everything you need to know about cat calming

Calming for cats: when you realize that your feline needs it

There are some specific scenarios where the use of medication is necessary, for example:

Change of environments;


Arrival of new family members;

Adaptation with a new pet;

Changes in routine;


Unknown environments;


Celebrations with fireworks.

Black cat

Natural calming for cats

There are many products on the market designed to calm cats.

However, as mentioned above, it is always necessary to have the advice and care of a veterinarian when choosing the best option for your pet.

And what stands out most in this segment is the Feliway, developed to give more security and tranquility to felines in the most diverse situations.

It is a synthetic pheromone that can be used in the home. To use, spray directly on areas where cats will be present 15 minutes beforehand, such as carriers, cars or even blankets and toys.

Furthermore, it exudes a smell similar to the one that cats leave when they rub themselves against something, whether objects or people, promoting well-being and tranquility for felines.

Cat sleeping

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