End of year lunch at Hotel Fasano Rio

End of year lunch at Hotel Fasano Rio

South America

In this month of celebrations, we were invited to the now traditional end-of-year lunch at the Hotel Fasano Rio! At a beautiful table at Gero, always very well done by the General Director of hotel in IpanemaCristiana Kastrup, we had the chance to taste some of the dishes that will be on Christmas dinner on the 24th, prepared by Italian chef Luigi Moressa. In fact, I can tell you that it's quite a spectacle. If you haven't yet decided what to do, this is certainly a good tip. restaurant for Christmas in Rio. So, it was a lovely afternoon, where we enjoyed excellent cuisine and celebrated the end of another year with dear journalist friends, this YMG partner hotel!, and where we collected so many good moments!

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End of year lunch at Hotel Fasano

Every year the New Year's Eve lunch table at Hotel Fasano is even more stunning! The result of the creativity and whimsy of Cristiana Kastrup, who goes to great lengths to make everything impeccable. This time, the menu printed in gold had an exclusive illustration made by artist Filipe Jardim from the hotel reception. The marked places had our names attached to a small, delicate plant pot, which we were able to take home.

Oh, and the Fasano Rio Christmas tree is also worth mentioning! As soon as we enter the hotel, we are greeted by the elegant tree, inspired by the Scandinavian style, focusing on nature. The long roots, made of natural wood, spread across the pilaster and the counter shaped into a Pequiá tree trunk at the reception. In addition, they received dry moss along with the lights. A charm!

Christmas menu

Chef Luigi Moressa created a special menu with recipes that follow Brazilian and Italian Christmas traditions, as well as a vegetarian version. We started our lunch with Russian salad with marinated filet mignon roast beef. Next, the delicious roast cod in taggiasca olive crust, white polenta and crunchy vegetables. At dinner on the 24th, there will be another dish, guinea fowl tortelli with its own sauce and fresh porcini mushrooms.

For dessert, a typical Italian dinner recipe, the ‘Tronchetto di Natal'. In the chef's version, the sweet that simulates a log, reminiscent of the logs that are burned in the fireplace at Christmas to bring good luck, has a base of ‘biscuit' dough wet with orange-scented syrup, rum, vanilla and spices, and a filling of Belgian semi-sweet chocolate mousse. The topping is made of milk chocolate ganache and Belgian semi-sweet chocolate chips, to give it a tree bark effect. Additionally, it is served with red fruits, meringues and vanilla syrup. In other words, a dessert that has everything to do with New Year parties!

Therefore, Supper will be served at 8pm and it is necessary to make a reservation in advance (R$ 726.00 per person + service fee, the full menu and non-alcoholic drinks – children up to 7 years old do not pay and from 8 to 12 years old pay half the price). Reservations can be made via 21 3202 4249 or (email protected).

New Year at Fasano

The luxury hotel in Ipanema will also feature a lively New Year's Eve program, which includes dinner at the Gero restaurant and a party at the rooftop, with that stunning view. The supper, prepared by chef Luigi Moressa especially for the occasion, includes starter, first course, main course, dessert, red and white wines, champagne and non-alcoholic drinks. The celebration on the rooftop, which starts at 11pm, includes a cocktail with finger food, drinks, soft drinks, wine and champagne. Furthermore, for non-guests, it is possible to opt for supper at Gero, supper and party at rooftop or just party.

End of year lunch at Hotel Fasano Rio
New Year at Hotel Fasano Rio

So, here’s to 2024 and another year of partnerships between Fasano and YMG!

By Duda Vétere.

Photos: Duda Vétere and Disclosure