Easter Egg Tasting from You Must Go!

Easter Egg Tasting from You Must Go!

South America

Have you already bought the chocolates for Easter? Check out this post and we’ll help you! Our editor-in-chief Renata Araújo and our dear photographer friend Tomás Rangel had the idea of ​​doing an Easter egg tasting. So, for this lip-smacking task, we gathered friends and journalists. After all, we received more than a dozen Easter eggs, from different brands! The event took place at Tōrst, Tomás' charming photography studio, in Botafogo. The place also has a bar, kitchen and scenographic collection. Take the opportunity to read about Slow Bakery, which makes the best bread in Rio.

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Easter Egg Tasting from You Must Go!

Online brands, high street stores, luxury hotels and even great chefs sent us sweet treats. In other words, chocolate for all tastes: different sizes, styles and flavors.

Sculptures and works of art

Emiliano's Ovo Cobogó, for example, reproduces the hotel's facade and even has an image of the Copacabana sea inside! Made by pastry chef Luísa Jungblut, it has a white Belgian chocolate shell, Allunga chocolate ganache and passion fruit, hazelnut crunch and cumaru marshmallow. The mixture was sensational!

Those from Creamy Patisserie, by chef Itamar Araújo, are hand-painted and impeccably delicate! The pink one, for example, has a shell filled with caramelized cashew nuts with brigadeiro. Delicious and one of the favorites on the table. While the blue one has caramelized cashews and salted caramel.

Chef Frederic De Maeyer's Easter egg, from Frederic Epicerie, imitates the Piña Colada drink, complete with an edible umbrella! The sculpture is made from Belgian semi-sweet chocolate truffled with creamy coconut, a base of white chocolate, artisanal pineapple jam with spices and flambéed with rum. The combination of flavors worked very well and pleased everyone!

Truffled Egg Piña Colada

Different flavors

Dengo, a Brazilian chocolate brand, sent us three eggs which, by the way, have a beautiful presentation! Ideas for giving someone a gift. Each is packaged in different fabrics. They pay homage to the fruits and fauna of our land. Among the flavors are lemon break with tapioca and fruits from the Atlantic Forest with milk chocolate.

Another idea of ​​what to give gift this Easter These are Bel Truffles boxes. The half spoon egg came in the flavors of orange brigadeiro with pistachio farofa, and gold caramel brigadeiro with mini caramel mound.

Meanwhile, the gingerbread egg from Miamor Atelier was one of the great revelations of our Easter egg tasting. In addition to being beautiful on the outside, it has a semi-sweet chocolate shell filled with a layer of dulce de leche, a layer of gingerbread and another layer of candy.

The gingerbread filling. A scandal indeed!

Not to mention Louzieh Doces, which nailed the taste of these journalists who write here, lol. The half spoon egg has a peanut butter filling, with milk chocolate with caramel and crunchy peanuts!

Louzieh Sweets

Classics with personality

The traditional brigadier You can't miss it either, right? Therefore, Fabiana D'Angelo, who makes sensational brigadeiros, sent a box with six mini spoon eggs for our tasting! One more delicate than the other, in flavors such as churro brigadeiro, black brigadeiro and carrot cake with brigadeiro. It's certainly difficult to choose the tastiest!

The traditional sweets store Colher de Pau, in Leblon, has handcrafted eggs with milk chocolate shells and a spoon brigadeiro filling! And speaking of fillings, the one from Fábrica de Bolo Vó Alzira is heavenly, in a brigadeiro spoon egg with carrot cake.

Talho Capixaba bakery and delicatessen also has Easter eggs this year! We tried the black and white brigadeiro with coconut shavings, and the white chocolate egg with dulce de leche filling with coconut.

Certainly a delicious Easter egg!

Gluten/sugar/lactose free

Good news for intolerances, vegans or anyone who prefers lighter options! We have gluten-free and lactose-free eggs! LB Culinária, for example, has vegan spoon eggs, brownie eggs and carrot cake eggs. Not Magic, a healthy eating project by chef Ronaldo Canha and nutritionist Patricia Davidson, created the spoon eggpistachio with gluten free brigadeiro, sugar-free and lactose-free. Surely you don't even notice the absence of milk…

Wines & Coffee

Therefore, to accompany so much sweet goodness, we paired it with delicious Greek wines from the importer GRK and the refreshing sparkling wine from Cristofoli, a family winery from Rio Grande do Sul. Plus, between so many chocolates, there’s nothing like a coffee! And those from Café ao Leu – an artisanal brand – are, in fact, special. We tasted one from Espírito Santo, from the Caparaó region, from a small local producer. The café is in Copacabana and also offers delivery!

Text and photos by Renata Araújo, Tomás Rangel and Duda Vetere.