Conheça melhor o chá de hibisco e seus inúmeros benefícios

Does hibiscus tea help you lose weight? Benefits of tea and how to make it


Hibiscus tea is famous for its reputation for helping you lose weight, but the truth is that it has many other benefits that few know about.

You’ve probably heard of hibiscus tea, which is made from the flower of the plant. Hibiscus sabdariffa L. This plant is an old plant known in our country, it arrived in Brazilian lands through slaves. It originates from India and Malaysia.

The first characteristic that made hibiscus tea famous was its ability to combat aging. This is because researchers have identified a high content of phenolic compounds that prevent oxidative stress in cells. What a great tool against aging.

However, soon after his fame changed completely. Tea would be a great ally in diets, as it would stimulate fat burning and consequently weight loss.

Despite this, to date researchers have not proven this influence on fat burning. But several people continue to use tea in diets that seem to have some effect.

Discover the benefits of hibiscus tea

1 – Helps regulate blood pressure

A study carried out by the American Health Association showed that tea reduces blood pressure in pre-hypertensive patients. Other studies carried out in the same direction confirmed that hibiscus tea has anti-hypertensive properties and protects the heart in people who already suffer from hypertension. or who are at risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

2 – Reduces bad cholesterol

Hibiscus tea also has antioxidant properties that help lower LDL (bad cholesterol), which protects the heart and blood vessels from damage.

3 – Protects the liver

Remember the antioxidant features we just mentioned? They help neutralize free radicals and protect the body from possible diseases.

Therefore, we can say that these characteristics help in various parts of our body, including the liver and possible diseases that could attack the organ.

4 – Helps prevent cancer

Hibiscus tea has protocatechoic acid, which is antitumor and is also an antioxidant. According to a study carried out in Taiwan, these characteristics prevent the growth of cancer cells, inducing these diseased cells to cell death.

5 – Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system and is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which helps prevent colds and flu. The tea is also used in cases of fever.

6 – Colic relief

Hibiscus tea is a great ally during premenstrual tension (PMS). The tea helps relieve cramps and also rebalances the hormonal system, which significantly reduces PMS symptoms such as mood changes.

7 – Helps with anxiety

Tea has several beneficial substances for the body, including flavonoids, which have antidepressant properties. Hibiscus tea helps reduce anxiety and other symptoms of depression, promoting relaxation of the mind and body.

8 – Helps with digestion

As hibiscus tea increases the activity of the urinary and intestinal tract, many people use it to improve digestion. As tea is also a diuretic, it is also used in cases of constipation.

9 – To quench your thirst

Many sports enthusiasts use hibiscus tea to quench their thirst. But don’t think they drink iced hibiscus tea for nothing. It turns out that tea has properties that help cool the body quickly. Furthermore, the tea is diuretic and reduces fluid retention.

10 – Helps with weight loss

As you may already know, hibiscus tea is very famous for its ability to help with weight loss. It turns out that hibiscus tea contains substances that help the body not absorb starch or glucose.

This way, the chances of you gaining weight drop significantly. Which also facilitates the process of burning accumulated fat.

11 – Improvement in blood pressure

Hibiscus tea also has antihypertensive properties and is great for those who live with high blood pressure. However, those who already have low blood pressure should avoid the tea, as it can cause a drop in blood pressure and even fainting.

How to make hibiscus tea?

You didn’t think we would talk so much about hibiscus tea that we would leave you empty-handed, right? If you want to include tea in your diet, we will explain how to prepare it. First you will need dried hibiscus flowers, two spoons (to be more exact), for every 1 liter of water.

First put the water to heat and only when it starts to raise the first bubbles, add the flowers and turn off the heat. It is important to turn it off at this stage, because letting the water boil with the hibiscus can cause the plant to lose its benefits.

Once you turn off the heat, let the mixture rest for 5 to 10 minutes and your tea will be ready!

Can I go on a tea diet?

Many people, when they discover foods that help with weight loss, give up investing heavily in it. However, we need to point out that the ability to help with weight loss has not been scientifically confirmed. Despite this, you can add hibiscus to your diet, but don’t expect a miracle.

Tea should be combined with a healthy eating routine and, if possible, constant exercise. This way, it is very likely that you will be able to lose weight. But none of this restrictive diets or tea diets.

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Source: Health, Cida Verde.

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