Dishes with beer in restaurants in Rio and SP

Dishes with beer in restaurants in Rio and SP

South America

Always celebrated on the first Friday of August, Beer Day is celebrated on the 5th! The market for the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world has grown significantly, and today we find different styles of beer, craft or not. Furthermore, the drink is also a great ingredient to use in preparing recipes! So, check out our tips for dishes with beer in restaurants in Rio and SP below! Take the opportunity to also read news about Leblon in 2022: 103 years of the neighborhood!

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Rio de Janeiro


The restaurant's main menu is Angus rump bonbon in Dunkel beer sauce with shitake. Additionally, it comes with apricot rice and bacon.

Address: Rua Vinicius de Moraes, 130 – Ipanema.

+Kinjo – Japanese food restaurant in Copacabana.

Beer dishes
Angus rump bonbon

Sardine Tavern

The restaurant has options, such as Bife à Portugália, made with filet mignon with traditional sauce from the most famous brewery in Portugal, fried egg and French fries.

Address: Rua Aristides Espinola, 101 – Leblon.

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dishes with beer
Bife à Portugal

Tasca Miúda

The restaurant brings the essence of Portugal in typical recipes prepared in an original way. Among the suggestions, for example, is braised pork cheek with mushrooms, beer, tomato and brandy.

Address: Rua Humberto de Campos, 827 – Store B – Leblon.

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Beer dishes
Pork cheek braised with beer

São Paulo


The restaurant's menu includes picanha strips, made with picanha fillet, fries, vinaigrette and beer sauce. Certainly a good choice!

Address: Rua Dr. Alceu de Campos Rodrigues, 218 – Itaim Bibi.

+La Coppa: Italian restaurant inside Allianz Parque, in SP.


Among the restaurant's suggestions is the main dish beef stew, a Belgian stew made with beef, Belgian beer and mustard. Additionally, it comes with thin fries, chard and mayonnaise.

Address: Rua Simão Álvares, 985 – Pinheiros.

+Yū: new and trendy Japanese food restaurant in Itaim.


The tent

The house offers some options of dishes with beer. For example, the Pantaneiro Pasta that comes with sun-dried meat, cured sausage, pilsner beer, tomato, onion and green scent. Indeed, a very interesting beer recipe!

Address: Rua dos Pinheiros, 987 – Pinheiros.

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Beer dishes
Pantaneiro Pasta

Virô Bistro

Led by restaurateur Lalo Zanini, the suggestion is the rib dumpling with black beer sauce, as a starter, and the grilled octopus with roast potatoes, confit tomato and shallots with black beer sauce as the main. In addition, there is also boneless pork ribs, roasted for 4 hours in a sauce of dark beer, wine, mirepoix and thyme with rustic potatoes.

Address: Rua Haddock Lobo, 74 – Cerqueira César.

II Capitale: new Italian restaurant on Oscar Freire.

Boneless pork ribs

Text by Duda Vétere and Gabriela Carrilho.
Photos: Daniel Carvalho, Tomas Rangel, Rodolfo Regini.