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The coquette style is a fashion reference inspired by the Victorian era and has recently become popular among Generation Z women.

Have you heard about the coquette style? Recently, this trend has become popular among Gen Z women. The coquette style is inspired by the Victorian erawhere its hallmark is subtlety and a hint of seduction.

Women who adopt this style often choose clothes and accessories that highlight their femininity in a delicate waywith details such as ruffles, bows, floral prints and soft tones.

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What is the coquette style?

The coquette style is an expression of fashion inspired by the Victorian era, characterized by its subtlety, charm and a certain dose of discreet seduction. Women who adopt this style, especially those from Generation Z, are recognized for their ability to attract and captivate through delicate gestures, enigmatic looks and a refined sense of fashion, incorporating contemporary elements, such as shorter skirts, in a striking way.

This style translates into delicate pieces, such as dresses, miniskirts, lace, ruffles and pastel colors. A elegance and modesty are key elementswith the clothes only suggestively revealing the figure, always maintaining an air of mystery and fascination.

In addition to the visual aspect, the coquette style also involves a charming and captivating attitude. To the women adept at this style master the art of subtle seduction, leaving a lasting impression with its grace and irresistible charm. In essence, it transcends fashion, being a sophisticated expression of femininity and the power of seduction.

What are the main characteristics of the coquette style?


In clothes, this style is marked by a feminine and delicate approach, with an emphasis on pieces that highlight a woman’s femininity and subtlety. The coquette stands out for its subtlety and romanticism, often incorporating details such as ruffles, bows, lace and floral prints.

Furthermore, colors tend to be soft and delicate, such as pastel tones and nuances of pink and blue. Furthermore, the coquette style values ​​silhouettes that are more fitted to the body, without losing comfort, and often includes delicate accessories, such as pearls, gloves and hats, to complete the charming and elegant look.


Coquette shoes often feature charming details such as bows, ruffles, lace or delicate embellishments, which give a romantic and charming air. Furthermore, they are known for their versatility, being able to easily transition between casual and sophisticated, which makes them a popular choice for a variety of occasions.

Finally, in terms of design, these shoes generally prioritize comfortwith moderate heels or flats that allow a woman to move with lightness and grace, while still exuding a certain air of refinement.

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As for accessories, are often small and intricate, adorned with delicate details, such as bows, lace, pearls and other elements that add a touch of romance and charm. Colors are generally soft and feminine, including pastels, white, pink and cream, while the materials frequently used are light fabrics such as silk and chiffon, complemented by gold or silver metals

Finally, often feature vintage designs or those inspired by bygone eras, evoking a sense of nostalgia and romanticism. Bows, ribbons and flowers are common elements in this style, adorning bags, shoes, hats and jewelry.

Coquette style inspirations

Inspired by centuries of culture and art, the coquette style dates back to the Parisian salons of the 18th century, where high society women wore flowing dresses, delicate bows and muted colors to attract attention and create an air of mystery. Since then, the style has evolved, incorporating elements from different eras and cultural influences, but always maintaining its seductive essence.

Icons of this style, such as Marie Antoinette, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, have inspired generations with their grace and undeniable charm. This trend values ​​delicacy and femininity. It is an aesthetic that celebrates youth and sensuality, but with a dose of elegance and sophistication.

Today, the coquette style continues to inspire fashion designers and fashionistas around the world, being reinterpreted in diverse ways to suit contemporary tastes and trends. Recently, it has become a popular style, especially when we think of Generation Z women.

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