Discover Bell's palsy, a disease that compromised Angelina Jolie's facial movements

Discover Bell’s palsy, a disease that compromised Angelina Jolie’s facial movements


Do you know what Bell’s Palsy is? Angelina Jolie was recently diagnosed with the disease and it’s worth understanding if you are also at risk:

You may have already ignored that grandmother’s advice, “don’t get cold wind after a hot shower”. If you thought this was nonsense, know that this can have consequences, such as Bell’s palsy.

Paralysis is not exactly caused by a sudden change in temperature, but it can occur after this type of exposure. Other factors related to the immune system, such as intense stress, may also be related to the trigger.

The problem is inflammation of the facial nerve, the one located from the ear to the center of the face, nose, eyes and mouth. This inflammation is activated by a virus that is in the body, usually the herpes virus.

Bell’s palsy

Many people, when they notice paralysis in the facial muscle, imagine that they are having the beginning of a stroke. But there is no relationship. Stroke is related to changes in blood flow, while Bell’s palsy does not present neurological changes.

According to experts, Bell’s palsy is a simple and common disease, and can affect anyone. And the main factor for the disease to appear is low immunity. This way, the body becomes immune to viruses present in the body.
The herpes virus, for example, is housed in the body of 90% of the Brazilian population, but does not manifest itself.

The disease prevents the person from blinking one eye, frowning and smiling or chewing on one side of the mouth.

Treatment involves corticosteroids and antiviral medications. The patient can use eye drops for dry eyes and ointments. Recovery can take up to 3 months.

Angelina Jolie

The actress said in an interview that she was recently diagnosed with inflammation of the easy nerve, and that part of her face was paralyzed. She was medicated and underwent acupuncture to resume movement.

Angelina also said that sometimes, women dedicate themselves solely to their family, putting themselves last, until this ends up manifesting itself in their own health.

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