nove opções de cachepô de crochê

Crochet cache with charts and recipes: to sell or gift, see how to do with 60 photos

House and garden

Crochet cache is a piece that has a thousand and one utilities. He can garnish his pots from plants, arrange hygiene and beauty products in the bathroom or even be used as a pencil holder in his office.

And best of all is that it doesn’t have to be an experienced crochete to reproduce this craftsmanship. Much less spend a lot of money on materials. After all, you will only need a skein of the line of your preference and a crochet needle to put your hands on the dough.

Therefore, Fashion Bubbles has selected some of the best tutorials for you to learn how to make crochet cachep. It also has charts and recipes – if you prefer to guide yourself this way – as well as more than 60 inspirations to create amazing pieces!

Crochet cache for beginners

Making a crochet cachep is a great idea for those who are starting to venture into the technique. This is because it is possible to make it using only basic points. Also, if you choose to use a thicker line, the job is done very fast!

Therefore, if your proposal is to create a handicraft with agility, how about starting with a small piece? These mini square scarfs of De Maria Crochet are perfect to accommodate succulent and cactus vases. To do, you will need 2mm cotton line skeins in two different colors.

This other option, on the other hand, uses the trinity point to obtain a round piece. The tutorial is from Ateliê Jéssica Brandão and the artisan gives, in fact, the tip to adapt the size of the crochet cachepô. Just follow the step by increasing the careers of the base below, making it until you reach the desired diameter:

  • 1st carr: 12 p.a. in the magic ring (12);
  • 2nd carr.: 12 aum. (24);
  • 3rd carr: 1 p.a. and 1 aum. (36);
  • 4th carr.: 2 p.a. and 1 aum. (48);
  • 5th carr.: 3 p.a. and 1 aum. (60);
  • 6th carr.: 4 p.a. and 1 aum. (72);
  • 7th carr.: 5 p.a. and 1 aum. (I)
  • 8th carr.: 6 p.a. and 1 aum. (96);
  • 9th carr.: 7 p.a. and 1 aum. (108);
  • 10th carr.: 8 p.a. and 1 aum. (120).
  • The crochet is able to leave the decoration of its home more stylish and cozy. So enjoy and see our complete easy crochet guide. Make extra money with these crochet ideas to sell. And know the amigurumi for beginners and start making your own dolls!

Crochet cache with mesh wire

This versatile piece can be made with any type of line. But the mesh yarn is one of the most common, as it is malleable, easy to work with and has a good thickness. In the video below, from Edi Art Crochê, you learn, in two classes, to make a beautiful basket with two colors of the material.

More inspirations

After you finish your crochet cache, you can decorate it with application of fringes, laces, buds, pompons and even flowers. Simply sew with thread and needle or use a fabric glue. This way, you get an even more stylish and personalized result!

três opções de cachepô de crochê com detalhes
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Likewise, it is possible to make the crochet flowers directly on the piece. This way, you get an amazing 3D effect! Here are a few chart options to copy.

cachepôs de crochê com flor
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Want to venture into a different format than traditional cylindrical? Then, experiment with square, rectangular, heart-shaped baskets or even flower cover!

cachepôs diferentes com gráfico
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Get inspired by the fruits to create a charming crochet cachepô! In the photos below, for example, were depicted pineapple, strawberry and blackberry.

três opções de cesto de crochê com tema de frutas
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Children will love a pet basket made especially for them. Whether it is from a real animal – such as the penguin, the bear, the shark and the fox – whether it is fictitious – like the unicorn.

cachepô de pinguim e cachepô de urso
Photos: Pinterest Playback

We also emphasize that the craft works have been super high for a few years, as we can see in Crochet – Trends and will remain strong. Here at Fashion Bubbles we have already made special crochet shoes, knitting blouses, crochet bags, crochet dress, crochet skirts, crochet shorts, crochet decoration and even crochet mask!

cachepô de tubarão e cachepô de raposa
Photo: Reproduction Pinterest
cachepô de crochê de unicórnio
Photos: Pinterest Playback

In addition, cartoon characters are also a great choice to inspire your work. These pieces combine with children's rooms and therefore please customers if their intention is to make to sell. Then we have Snoopy and his owner Charlie Brown. As well as one of the minions of the movie Despicable Me.

cachepôs de personagens de desenho animado
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob were also a cute crochet cachepô-shaped.

cachepôs de personagens de desenho animado
Photos: Pinterest Playback

How to use the piece?

Although the most common use of crochet cachepô is to decorate plant pots, it is also possible to employ the piece as an organizing basket. Here, for example, it was used to accommodate office items – with right to the cup holder to support the cup of coffee!

cachepô de crochê para escritório
Photos: Playing Instagram ?linhasenovelos

In addition, the piece can be very useful in the kitchen. Just to exemplify, the baskets can store utensils, cutlery, napkins and can even be used to serve breads and appetizers.

cachepô de crochê para cozinha
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Crochet cache with twin

Another material widely used to make crochet cachepô is the twine. Its great advantage over the mesh wire is the price, since it is usually more affordable. In addition, it is a line with a wide variety of thicknesses, which allows you to customize your parts.

In the tutorial you check below, for example, the artisan of JNY Crochet used the string No. 24 to get a very firm and stylish organizing basket.

More inspirations

The string is perfect for those who want to give a more handmade and rustic air for their pieces. Then you check baskets of various sizes that were made with the material.

cinco opções de cachepô de crochê de barbante
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Suspended crochet cachepla

Have little space available on the shelves and bookshelves of your home, but want to collect plants inside a crochet cachepô? Therefore, the solution is to bet on suspended pieces. They can be hung with hooks on both the ceiling and walls.

In this tutorial, Professor Simone Eleotério teaches how to make a plant hanger – growing plant, in literal translation – that values any seedling!

This crochet nest, on the other hand, is a grace with a juicy inside. Conceived by the Midala Armarinho, the work requires only two materials: No. 6 beard and 3.5mm needle.

At the same time, those looking for an easier option to run can count on this crochet cachep that is suspended because of a leather strap. The tutorial is also by Simone Eleotério.

More inspirations

Suspended cachets can be simpler. After all, with the combination of few points, it is already possible to create a piece that highlights your plants.

três ideias de cachepô suspenso de crochê
Photos: Pinterest Playback

However, more experienced crochetes can combine multiple dots and colors of lines to get a job of filling the eyes.

cachepôs elaborados de crochê
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Next, you check out some ideas of crochet cachepô in which the bottom was thought of with affection. Both the fringes and the flower detail are in evidence when plants are hung in high places.

plant hangers de crochê
Photos: Pinterest Playback

In these three pieces, however, the highlight is the unusual way of suspending the cached. While the former resembles a drop, the second leaves the plant slightly tilted. Finally, the third is hung by crochet spirals.

penduradores de planta de crochê
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Crochet cache for plants

Certainly, this is the most common way to use these pieces: to wrap plant vases. This is because the crochet allows you to create beautiful pieces, that dry fast and that can even be washed.

Now, if you are looking for an option that will not stain dirt right after watering, check out La Kroche’s step-by-step. It is a crochet cache with MDF very easy to make. The tip is, first of all, waterproof the wood to ensure more protection.

Already the pieces taught by crochet designer Carine Strieder in the two videos below are delicate inspirations to wrap their vases.

More inspirations

Juicy and cacti are a grace inside a crochet cachepô, isn't it? And since these species do not need to be watered so often, the risk of their craft spoiling with water is much less!

cachepôs de crochê com cactos e suculentas
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Bet on cachepost of crochet of neutral colors, such as black, white, brown and beige, in order to highlight the colors of your plant.

cachepô branco e cinza e cachepô terracota
Photos: Pinterest Playback

In addition, it is a good idea to use shades that contrast with the surface on which the cachepô will stay.

cachepôs de cores neutras
Photos: Instagram ?bellamariacroche

On the other hand, using wires and lines of vibrant tones to make the pieces ensures personality to the environment. However, it is necessary to know how to use color in decoration and make smart combinations.

cachepôs de cores vivas
Photos: Pinterest Playback

Crochet cache for bathroom

The piece can be very useful when used in the bathroom. Since this room is usually the smallest in the house, it is essential to keep it neat to enjoy each corner. And the crochet cache is great for arranging items like makeup, perfumes and hair brushes, for example.

Cashpfolding recipe with nautical yarn and income

Looking for a piece to leave your bathroom sophisticated and elegant? So, this crochet cache in gold and black is the ideal option. The result is a work of 55cm in diameter and 10cm in height. Check out, then, the recipe and the graphic of the artisan Renata Vieira, from the blog of Bazar Horizonte.

cachepô dourado com renda preta
Photos: Bazar Horizon


  • 1 skein of nautical wire (here, the color 7625 – Nut was used, from the Circle);
  • 1 crochet needle of 5mm;
  • 60cm lace lace squeamop of 3,5cm in black color,
  • Glule universal.

Step by step from the base

First, to the base, start with a magic ring. Afterwards, start the careers:

  • 1st carr.: start with 1 corr., do 6 p.b. and close with p.b.x.
  • 2nd carr.: start with 1 corr., do 1 p.b. on the same base p., do 5 aum. and close with p.b.x.;
  • 3rd carr.: start with 1 corr., make 1 aum. – 1 p.b. 1 aum. ? rep. From “a” more (4x). Close with p.b.x.;
  • 4th carr.: start with 1 corr., do 1 p.b. and 1 aum. 2 p.b. and 1 aum. ? rep. of ?a more (4x). Close with p.b.x.;
  • 5th carr.: start with 1 corr., do 2 p.b. and 1 aum. 3 p.b. and 1 aum. ? rep. of ?a more? (4x). Close with p.b.x.;
  • 6th carr: start with 1 corr., do 3 p.b. and 1 aum. 4 p.b. and 1 aum. ? rep. of ?a mais (4x). Close with p.b.x.;
  • 7th carr: start with 1 corr., do 4 p.b. and 1 aum. 5 p.b. and 1 aum. ? rep. of “a more?” (4x). Close with p.b.x.;
  • 8th carr: start with 1 corr., do 5 p.b. and 1 aum. 6 p.b. and 1 aum. ? rep. of “a' plus (4x). Close with p.b.x.

Step by step of completion

Then, work the side of the cachepô crochet in carr. snail without closing the carr.:

  • 9th carr: start with 1 corr. And 47 p.b., picking only on the back handle of the base p.;
  • 10th to the 19th carr.: trab. with 1 p.b., picking up the back handle of the base p.; 1 p.b.c.; ? rep. of ?a? until the end of the carr. Trab. p.b. about p.b. and p.b.c. about p.b.c.

In order to make the income amendment guipur, work a carr. de p.b.x., amending the income in the cachepô. Work 1 p.b.x. on each lace liquinha so that it is well stretched and aligned. Then cut the excess of the income and glue with the universal glue.

Anyway, do the finish with 1 p.b.x. for each base p. Rem. the thread. Glue the tip of the wire in the inside of the cachepiso so that it does not desfi.

gráfico para cachepô de crochê
Photos: Bazar Horizon

More inspirations

How about making a basket kit to organize towels, cotton, cotton swabs, toiletries and beauty? Here, for example, the artisan preferred to use the same color of knitted yarn in the three pieces. But the variation of points made each crochet cachepô unique.

kit de cachepô de crochê para banheiro
Photo: Reproduction Pinterest

In these options, on the other hand, each piece received two contrasting colors of the line. The tip is to bet on the tones that most match the decor of the rest of the room.

cachepôs de crochê para banheiro
Photos: Pinterest Playback
dois cahepôs de crochê para organizar cosméticos
Photo: Reproduction Pinterest

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