Cider Yeast

How is cider made?

The fruit fermentation process consists of transforming the sugars present in the fruit into alcohol, for which the juice of the fruit is obtained in natura, which, by adding the yeast, will result in an alcoholic and fermented beverage.

The process can be homemade and inexpensive, which will result in translucent alcoholic beverages, fruity flavor with acidic or sweet characteristics, with the natural aroma of fruits.

The objective of this work is to emphasize the great relevance of this product in the industrial and agricultural scenario and the possibility of destination to fruits that have lost their commercial acceptance, reducing food waste, in addition to presenting an artisanal and natural method to produce cider, without adding any type of coloring or preservatives, a low cost beverage, maintaining the quality and making the reuse of apples that are out of the commercialization standard.

The cider production was developed only with the juice of apples with skins, added with yeasts of the genus Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. analysis was performed of pH and alcohol content of the final product, obtaining pH 4.0 and 7% of alcohol content, aroma of crystalline yellow fruits and slightly carbonated, being praised and approved by tasters, reinforcing the idea of ​​Nogueira, et al (2003) and Braga, et al (2013) that ciders can be made with excellent results using homemade methods.

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