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Every time I go to São Paulo I am enchanted by a new store. There are several designers from São Paulo who do not have their own store in Rio, we can only reach them through multi-brands. I'm going to share with you, then, two stores that I love in the capital of São Paulo.

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With the first store opened in 2009 in Jardim Paulista and the second, this year, in Shopping Cidade Jardim, La Tigresse, by designer Renata Figueiredo, is a brand with a lot of personality that offers some unique pieces to consumers.

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The mix of fabrics, appliqués and prints on t-shirts and dresses are the designer's strengths, who makes both basic and party clothes.

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Carina Duek is the daughter of one of the best-known designers in São Paulo: Tufi Duek, owner of Forum. It goes without saying that she grew up in the world of fashion, but by opening her store, she was able to create her own identity.

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With a sophisticated look and clothes that range from basic to glamour, it's hard not to like at least one piece in Carina's store. Noble fabrics, vintage elements and the mix of modernity and elegance define her style.

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To top it off, your store in the trendy Oscar Freire, designed by award-winning architect Isay Wenfield, aims to portray your dream closet.

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