Colher gelada - truques de beleza que você precisa conhecer

Cold spoon – beauty tricks you need to know


The spoon is a widely used utensil present in many homes around the world. Discover now some beauty tricks using a cold spoon.

A spoon is a household utensil widely used for making food, mixing drinks, measuring the amount of an ingredient, among other functions. But did you know that it can also be used to help with beauty tricks? That’s right! The cold spoon can help reduce dark circles and enlarged circles and even replace the eyelash curler.

The item is also multifunctional in the beauty area and everyone has it at home. Therefore, we have put together some incredible tips using a cold spoon that you can follow below.

Tips for using a cold spoon

Relieving dark circles and bags

Cold spoon - beauty tricks you need to know
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Dark circles and bags that form under the eyes can be caused by several factors, mainly tiredness and poor sleep. The good news is that a cold spoon helps alleviate these undesirables. This happens because the low temperature improves blood circulation in the region, reducing swelling.

What you should do is leave the cutlery in the freezer overnight, before going to sleep. So, the next day, you can put it on your dark circles. But it’s important to take some care to avoid burning and hurting your skin. Therefore, after taking the spoon out of the freezer, let it rest at room temperature for at least 20 minutes and only put it on your skin if you feel it is completely bearable.

Cold spoon to close enlarged pores

Sources: Queen Hair

Enlarged pores are very common in oily skin and leave the skin looking shiny. This can be a nuisance for many people, but, fortunately, it can be reduced with a cold spoon. Just apply the spoon to the areas where you want to reduce the appearance of pores and leave it pressed for some time.

However, the effect of reducing the appearance of pores is only temporary. Treatments with dermocosmetics or dermatological procedures are capable of providing longer-lasting action.

Disguising pimples

Cold spoon - beauty tricks you need to know
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In addition to being able to disguise pores, the cold spoon is also a great trick for pimples. Do you know when you need to go out and that pimple appears? Then, you can press the cold spoon against it for a few minutes, this way, the swelling will reduce.

However, if you notice that the pimple has pus, reversing the process may help. Therefore, let the spoon become warm and apply it to the region, this way the pores in the region will open, facilitating the removal of pus.

Cold spoon against bad breath

Cold spoon - beauty tricks you need to know
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Bad breath is a problem also caused by the accumulation of coating on the tongue. The coating also leaves the tongue whitish, with a dirty appearance. Therefore, to remove this mass that remains on the tongue, simply use the side of the cold spoon to scrape the coating off the tongue.

Extra tips using the spoon

In addition to using a cold spoon, there are also other beauty tricks using this utensil without necessarily being cold. Therefore, we have separated these extra tips for you.

Curling your eyelashes

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The spoon is a great tool to replace the famous eyelash curler and give your eyelashes a beautiful shape. Some models such as Brazilians Gisele Bündchen and Isabeli Fontana are adept at this trick. So, to replace the eyelash curler, simply place the deep part of the spoon behind your eyelashes and press with your fingers. Furthermore, this tip is a great alternative for you to apply mascara without smudging your skin with the product.

Makeup contour with spoon

Cold spoon - beauty tricks you need to know
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The shape of this cutlery can help a lot when applying the product to contour your makeup. To do this, position the spoon diagonally on the cheek, with the top of the utensil over the ear. After that, just apply the product under the division made with the spoon, forming the contour.

Disguising the cuticles

Source: Beginner Manicure

The cuticle is that thin skin at the beginning of the nail. Its function is to protect the nails, so it is best not to remove them. Therefore, if you want to disguise them without having to remove them, you can use a spoon to do so.

Let your nails soak in warm water for 15 seconds. Then, dry them with a towel and use the tip of the spoon to lightly push the cuticles inward. Be very careful not to hurt yourself, so don’t put pressure on yourself during the process. Furthermore, it is a trick that should not be done frequently, as it can harm the health of the cuticles and, consequently, the nails.

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