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Chandelier: how to choose, tips and inspiration photos

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How do you choose the best type of lighting for each room in the house? Choosing decoration can be both a pleasant and difficult task. After all, it is important to create a harmonious, comfortable space that reflects your personality in every detail. But when it comes to the chandelier, the choice becomes even more complicated.

There are so many models, shapes and colors that knowing how to match the rest of the decor seems to be an impossible mission. Who has never dreamed of having a crystal chandelier with several bulbs on the living room ceiling? On the other hand, a modern and minimalist style offers practicality in cleaning and gives the environment a clean look.

Therefore, if you are in doubt about how to choose the best chandelier for each room in the house, you are in the right place. We’ve put together incredible tips and photos!

What is the difference between chandeliers and lamps?

Chandelier versus light fixtures.
Source: Pinterest/Canva

Before we show tips and photos of chandeliers, it is important to separate the types of lighting into categories. After all, not everyone knows the difference between chandeliers and pendant lights.

Basically, a chandelier is made up of branches that are used to place several lamps. Therefore, it can be used as decoration or even as the main lighting.

Furthermore, chandeliers are pieces that take up a lot of space and, therefore, must be placed in large spaces.

On the other hand, pendant lamps offer low lighting focused on a specific piece of furniture or decorative object. As a result, the purpose of this type of lighting is purely decorative and additional lights are needed to ensure good luminosity in the environment.

The pendants have no branches and come from the ceiling using wires or cables.

So, now that you know which category to look for your lighting object in, check out the tips on how to choose for each room.

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How to choose the chandelier?

Chandelier with 5 lamps.
Source: Pinterest

The most common places to use a chandelier in decoration are: dining room, living room and entrance hall. This is because these spaces are usually the largest in the house and are popular for receiving visitors.

Therefore, we have put together 6 tips so you can choose the best chandelier option:

1. Define a style

Mezzanine with minimalist chandelier.
Source: Pinterest

Firstly, it is important to define the decor style of the room, such as rustic, vintage, minimalist, modern, among others.

Using this information, it is easier to know which chandelier model best fits the decor. This combination will make the room harmonious and, consequently, more visually pleasing.

Additionally, it’s worth planning which items in the space will be highlighted. This is because if the objective is to give attention to the sofa, for example, the chandelier may be simpler.

2. Choose the diameter

Crystal chandelier under rustic table.
Source: Pinterest

Now that you know the room’s decoration style, it’s time to choose the best diameter. For this, there are two very simple rules, they are:

If the chandelier is placed above the dining table, it is important that it varies between 30.5 and 38 centimeters in diameter.

Another method used by architecture and decoration professionals is to convert the length and width of the room to centimeters, the result being the perfect diameter to add the chandelier.

On the other hand, there are also companies that offer custom-made chandelier construction services. Therefore, it is worth checking the cost-benefit ratio.

3. Determine the best format

Black and white room.
Source: Pinterest

To choose the shape of the chandelier, it is necessary to evaluate the shape of the room. For example, a narrow entrance hall calls for a more linear chandelier.

As a result, the proportions fit better and the room becomes more pleasant. This tip is especially valid for environments such as bathrooms, hallways and entrance halls.

If you have difficulty with these types of rooms, it is worth consulting a professional such as an architect and interior designer.

4. See how tall the chandelier is

Long pendant chandelier on the stairs.
Source: Pinterest

To avoid possible accidents, take into account the height of the room in relation to the size of the chandelier. It is recommended that there be a space of 2.13 meters between the floor and the chandelier.

Another way to measure the space is to position yourself underneath where the chandelier will be and measure 30.5 centimeters between your head and the object.

On the other hand, if the chandelier is on top of a table, for example, the minimum distance height is 91 centimeters from the cap to the object.

5. Don’t limit yourself to the basics

Modern wooden chandelier.
Source: Pinterest

It’s almost automatic to think that a chandelier should be positioned in the center of the room. However, this is not always the best choice. After all, the arrangement of the furniture makes all the difference in the construction of the space.

For example, if there is a space in the house that is multifunctional and combines the dining and living rooms, it is worth installing a different type of lighting for each area. In this case, it is also possible to include two chandeliers.

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How to make a chandelier?

Decoration with glass in various formats.
Source: Pinterest

How about adding handcrafted work with sentimental value to the decor? In addition to being extra charming, it also adds more personality to the space.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to make a chandelier, we have put together some videos with simple tutorials to play at home.

More inspirations

In the end, we have separated a series of chandelier models for you to be inspired by!

Rustic house.
Firstly, a rustic dining room goes well with solid wood chandeliers. Source: Pinterest
Living room with industrial decor.
A black industrial-style chandelier can be used in the living room. Source: Pinterest
Chandelier for kitchen counter.
To add depth, how about a chandelier with rods of different heights? Source: Pinterest
Delicate chandelier for entrance hall.
Furthermore, the more delicate models are recommended for smaller environments and for residents with more romantic tastes. Source: Pinterest
Dining room with round table.
On the other hand, a small dining room gained a feeling of spaciousness with the use of a mirror and chandelier. Source: Pinterest
Round silver chandelier.
Metallic models offer modernity to the environment. Source: Pinterest
Entrance hall with low chandelier.
On the other hand, futuristic formats guarantee sophistication to the space. Source: Pinterest


In conclusion, choosing the best chandelier to decorate a room is not an easy task. Therefore, creating a checklist of the tips presented can be a good reference to start the search for the perfect model.

Finally, don’t forget to save your favorite models and share them with friends!

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