Roxinha de Saúde – Panelaterapia

Roxinha de Saúde

I should consume more fruit. Every now and then I get excited at the fruit and vegetable store with the colors and perfumes and bring a bunch of them home, but we forget to eat them and they start to get old. So I decided that every day (or almost every day) I’m going to […]

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Red Wine Refreshment – ​​Panelaterapia

Red Wine Refreshment

It is a version of Portuguese sangria that contains wine, fruit juices, cinnamon sticks, mint, sugar, liqueurs and/or wine brandy.We usually make a version of sangria in which we remove the soda and add carbonated water, orange juice and lemon juice.It’s also successful, the result is the same, just healthier.

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Cocoa Honey Juice – Panelaterapia

Cocoa Honey Juice

How did I live 34 years without knowing this drinking spectacle? One of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted in my life! It is a natural cocoa concentrate without added water or sugar. There’s no way to explain the flavor and aroma of this juice! * This drink is available in several restaurants in […]

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Citrus with Tequila – Panelaterapia

Citrus with Tequila

Tati, my daughter!!!! I had a huge Tequila drink! One of those things, you know… there are hospitals, glucose levels and so on… (psst!!) I’m not going to tell you everything in a comment either, right? Get it wrong…!!! The fact is: you can’t drink too much (one bottle like me…)! The damn thing is […]

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