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Cachoeira in heart format

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A Cachoeira do Tabuleiro, in Serra do Cipó, is the perfect destination for a day of love in Minas Gerais! With more than 273 meters, it is rebuilt not only because it is in a higher state, but also because of its different heart shape.

Photo: Leandro Aguiar

The greatest cachoeira of Minas Gerais

Located in the Serra do Cipó, in the district of Tabuleiro and municipality of Conceição do Mato Distancia, in Minas Gerais, The Cachoeira do Tabuleiro is the third largest in Brazil and the first in the state.. With its 273 meters high, it is only necessary to pay attention.

Its main characteristic is that it is in a heart format with water left in the center and its stunning beauty. Attracting tourists from all over the country, It is the perfect destination for married adventurers looking for a day with two different loved ones in Minas Gerais..

Além disso, a cachoeira em forma de coração was named one of the 7 wonders of Estrada Real, by Instituto Estrada Real, with more than 40 thousand votes. She was also considered by Guia Quatro Rodas as the most beautiful in Brazil for two consecutive years.

How to get to Cachoeira do Tabuleiro, the perfect destination for a day of love in Minas Gerais?

A Cachoeira do Tabuleiro fica located in Parque Municipal do Tabuleiro, in a district of the same name, about 170 km from Belo Horizonte. In the capital of Minas Gerais, just hit MG-010 directly at the Conceição de Mato Fácil. The city center is about 18 km from the premises.

My recommendation is that you find a car in Belo Horizonte and take advantage to discover the wonders of the Serra do Cipó during your trip. I refer you to an excellent car rental company, partner of the blog, Rentcars.

Assim, at the entrance to the Park is about 2.5 km from the center of the Tabuleiro district and 18 km from Conceição do Mato within. However, you need to walk 3 km on the trail to get to the cachoeira pool, with no guide.

Tours to do in the region

No Parque, it is possible to do three trails, going first to Trilha do Poço da Cachoeira. In the end, the pool is a wonderful place to swim, it is 20 meters deep and has crystal clear water, even though it doesn't look like a logo in the face.

Além disso, also existent to Trilha do Mirante and Trilha do Alto da Cachoeira. At first I recommend that you ride together with the pool, lasting on average 2 hours just one way. So, separate at least one turn to do that suit. Entry for the tour occurs only in favorable weather conditions and ends at 2 p.m.

The Trilha do Alto da Cachoeira is about 8 km and offers lush landscapes and attractions. With several swimming holes, the walk can last a whole day and is one of the best things to do in the region. Entry for this route only takes place in favorable weather conditions and between 8am and 9am.

Or what do I need to know before going?

The Parque Municipal do Tabuleiro, where you will find Cachoeira do Tabuleiro and other natural wonders, It works every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The entrance fee is R$10.00 and the tickets can only be purchased in favorable weather conditions.. It is possible to hire a guide to accompany our costumes, but this is not mandatory.

This way, you can do the right things as long as you have the capacity and materials suitable for it. Em general, The degree of difficulty of the journeys is medium, I have to walk around and ask for appropriate clothing..

Also, adventure sports, such as rappelling, rock climbing, slacklining, or base jumping, among others, require prior authorization. Domestic animals cannot enter.

I also recommend that you drink fruits, seeds and liquids. Banana, maçã, Pará and cashew nuts, amendoim, sunflower seeds and abóbora, amêndoa, água, sucos and chás are the best options to give energy, hydrate and nourish. Do not have a boat in the park.

There is no outline of first aid items and flashlights, repellent, sunscreen or what is most necessary.

Since we are always part of nature, we need to take care of it. Do not leave the sound low so as not to disturb your spirits and avoid playing music. Appreciate what the environment has to offer and deliver what you have best: love, respect and admiration.

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