Projetos ganhadores da premiação Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil 2022.

Brazilian Institute of Architects Awards 2022

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Last Thursday, the 15th, the 24th IABsp 2022 Awards ceremony was held. The traditional event recognizes talents and inspiring projects in the area of ​​architecture and urbanism. This year, the awards were held at Ubes Cultural, in São Paulo.

In total, 25 projects were awarded from 8 Brazilian cities, in an event organized by the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB).

Winners of the Brazilian Institute of Architects Awards 2022

Firstly, it is important to highlight that the awards are divided into four categories and 12 subcategories. In addition, winners receive a trophy, recognition and credibility integrated into the award.

Winners of the Instituto Arquitetos do Brasil 2022 award.
Photo: Marcelo Nakano

“This is the longest-running award in the profession and has demonstrated, in recent editions, that it has been able to follow the most important issues of its time”, says Jaime Solares, coordinator of this edition.

Therefore, check out the winners of the 2022 Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil Awards:

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In the first category, completed works and building projects were evaluated in different programs and typologies.

Residential and Social Housing:

  • Apartment building in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo, by SPBR Arquitetos
  • LLF Residence, in São José dos Campos, by Obra Arquitetos

Equipment, Industry and Services:

  • Atelier Pina Cerâmica, in São Paulo, by Alvorada Arquitetos
  • Livraria Cabeceira, in São Paulo, by Estúdio Guega

Restoration, Retrofit and Requalification:

  • Restoration of Triangle House, Vilanova Artigas, in São Paulo, by Metrópole Arquitetos
  • Restoration of JMTB II House, Vilanova Artigas, in São Paulo, by FGGN Arquitetos
  • Restoration, Modernization and Expansion of the Ipiranga Museum, in São Paulo, by H+F Arquitetos
  • Renovation of the Casarão Barão de Tatuí, in São Paulo, by Jamelo Arquitetura
  • Conjunto 07 de Abril, in São Paulo, by Metro Arquitetos
  • Padre Moreau Library, in São Paulo, by Carvalho Terra Arquitetos

Interiors and Design

Secondly, the Interiors and Design category evaluated built works and interior projects, or those that manage reduced temporalities and scales.

Interior Architecture

  • Bartira Apartment, in São Paulo, by Estúdio Guega + Tambori Arquitetura
  • Purgatory, in São Paulo, by Memola Estúdio + Vitor Penha
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Ephemeral Architecture

  • Building Together – Building Together, in São Paulo, by Lahayda Lohara Mamani Poma Dreger
  • Fábrica das Infâncias Japy, in Jundiaí, by Ateliê Navio


  • Mandacaru Line, in Santo André, by Design AK
  • Desvio Sideboard, in São Paulo, by FGMF

Urbanism, Planning and Cities

Next, the Brazilian Institute of Architects Awards evaluated projects, works, plans, programs and actions, executed or not, aimed at public or private space for collective use.

Urban Design and Landscaping

  • Integrated Local Development Plan – RDS Despraiado, in Iguape, by Estúdio Lava
  • Parque Capibaribe – Caiara and Vintém sections, in Recife, by Zoom Urbanismo, Arquitetura e Design

Urban Activism Crossings

  • Go to Bixiga to see: routes and collaborative cartography in the Bixiga River watershed, in São Paulo, by Coletivo Salve Saracura
  • Occupation in transversal actions: Fórum Mundaréu da Luz, in São Paulo, by Fórum Mundaréu da Luz | GT Project | EMAU Mackenzie Mosaic

Architectural Culture

Finally, in the Architectural Culture category, the products of artistic, cultural, academic and educational initiatives of dissemination, reflection and teaching relevant to the field of architecture and urbanism were considered.


  • City, gender and childhood, in São Paulo, by Romano Guerra Editora, Pistache Editorial and Instituto Brasiliana, by Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb and Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima (organizers)


  • Riverside architectures: life on the waters of the Amazon, in São Paulo, Careiro da Várzea and Iranduba
  • Betoneira Podcast – Mixing Ideas, in São Paulo, from Betoneira Podcast

Techniques and technology

  • (De)construct and Occupy: Reuse as a social and purposeful practice, in São Paulo, de Ruína, FAU Mackenzie and MSTC
  • Demonstrates RA, in São Paulo, as a Laboratory for Other Urbanisms – FAU USP

About the Brazilian Institute of Architects Award

Since 1967, the award offered by the Institute of Architects of Brazil has promoted criticism and dissemination of architecture and urbanism.

As a result, the award includes reference works and projects, after identifying the challenges faced in the production of architecture.

Furthermore, the event is a way of valuing significant and ingenious proposals, especially those that contribute to the development of technique, knowledge and the built environment in dialogue with nature, society, economy and culture throughout the national territory.

Trophies from the Instituto Arquitetos do Brasil 2022 award.
Photo: Marcelo Nakano


The Brazilian Institute of Architects Awards jury is made up of 12 professionals in the field, forming a national, international, multidisciplinary, representative and intergenerational team. Therefore, 50% of the jurors were black people and 75% were women.

Check the list for each category:

  • Buildings: Gabriela de Matos, Glória Cabral and Roberto Loeb
  • Interiors and Design: Audrey Carolini, Karol Suguikawa and Renata Puig
  • Urbanism, Planning and Cities Category: , Lizete Rubano, Louise Lenate Ferreira da Silva and Tainá de Paula
  • Architectural Culture: José Abilio Ferreira, Marina Grinover and Thiago Iaqeb Ahmose

About the Institute of Architects of Brazil – Department of São Paulo

In conclusion, 101 years old, the Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil is a non-profit entity dedicated to themes essential to the architect, architectural and urban culture and society.

Founded in 1943, the Department of São Paulo (IABsp) promotes various activities, such as debates, lectures, courses, workshops, film screenings, in addition to awards and the architecture biennial.

IABsp aims to reflect and debate contemporary issues in architecture and urbanism and has centers located in Bauru, Campinas, Franca, Guarulhos, Jundiaí, Metropolitan Region of Vale do Paraíba and North Coast and Sorocaba.

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