Dicas de presente de aniversário - Ideias práticas e criativas

Birthday gift tips


We’ve put together some birthday gift tips to help you in those moments when you don’t know what to give.

Giving a gift to a loved one can be a difficult task, even if they are someone close to you, such as mother, father, boyfriend or friends. In fact, each person has different tastes and preferences. So, thinking about helping you with this task, we, at Àrea, have put together some birthday gift tips.

With so many different product options available on the market, it is completely normal to have doubts when choosing a gift. Furthermore, because it is such an important date, there is always an extra responsibility when making this choice. However, there are some birthday gift tips that are accurate and will help you please anyone.

For example, for women, there is nothing better than receiving jewelry, clothes or shoes, while for men, gifts such as watches, wallets or practical utensils are always a good choice.
Are you curious to check out our birthday gift tips? So, continue reading and we will help you when choosing your souvenir.

Birthday gift tips for women

Birthday gift tips - Practical and creative ideas
The WoW Style

Giving a gift to women is not always an easy task, in fact, there are countless options on the market for them, ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to flowers and chocolates.

Furthermore, each woman has her own style and different tastes. When choosing a birthday gift, take these two factors into consideration. A tip is that if you are going to give some clothes, opt for classic and timeless pieces.

Birthday gift tips - Practical and creative ideas

Finally, if the choice is jewelry, think about whether the birthday girl likes bigger, flashier options or simpler, more romantic ones.

Other different and excellent gift tips for women are:

  • Perfumes and Makeup;
  • Flores e chocolates;
  • Breakfast basket;
  • lingerie;
  • Books;
  • Purse or wallet;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Day at the beauty salon;
  • Personalized items such as pillows and mugs;
  • Romantic or family trip.


Birthday gift tips - Practical and creative ideas

It may seem easy to give gifts to men, however, there is still a wide variety of products that can make your choice difficult. Just like women, each man has his own style, which varies between traditional, classic and bold.

Giving an outfit similar to what the birthday boy or girl wears can be a great option. Additionally, birthday gifts such as leather backpacks and briefcases, watches and wallets can also be a great idea.

Birthday gift tips - Practical and creative ideas
Well-Resolved Women

Finally, here’s a golden tip: if the man you’re giving a gift to likes football, give him something related to the sport. There are also other common tastes that men tend to have, such as barbecue, beer or car items.

Gift tips for children

Birthday gift tips - Practical and creative ideas

Little ones are the easiest to please, in fact, they don’t care much about the value of the object. Usually when we think about giving a birthday gift, the first option is to gift them with toys. However, since everyone thinks the same thing, how about changing it up a little?

Cool and stylish sneakers that have flashing lights or decorations are super eye-catching for children. Coloring books, puzzles, modeling clay are also a great option.


Finally, it’s worth remembering that company is always the best option for little ones, so a day of play or a trip to the park can be the best gift in the world for them!

+Extra tips and inspiration for getting it right when giving someone a gift

Firstly, to get it right when giving a gift to that loved one, you first need to know them well, in addition, there are also some tips that can help you, including:

  • Pay attention to what the person says – usually birthday people give hints about what they want to win;
  • Don’t ask directly what the person wants to win – this takes all the magic out of the surprise;
  • Talk to people close to the person, such as friends and/or siblings;
  • Take the person’s personality into account, especially if you are giving them clothes;
  • Complement with something made by you.
Birthday gift tips - Practical and creative ideas
Birthday gift tips - Practical and creative ideas

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