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Ten myths and truths about acne


Dermatologist and Medical Manager of Biolab Pharmaceutical provides clarification on the problem

 Almost everyone has had, at least once in their life, pimples or blackheads appearing on the skin. This manifestation is common and little worries young people and adults when it occurs punctually. However, when acne appears, it is time to seek professional help.

 In most cases, people who suffer from blackheads and pimples are surrounded by doubts about their origin (cause) and appropriate treatments. For this reason, Dr. Andrea Rosato, dermatologist and medical manager of Biolab Sanus Pharmaceuticals, clarifies ten myths and truths about acne. Check out:

 1. "I have acne because I do not feed myself properly": MYTH.

 "Some scientific evidence demonstrates that foods with a high glycemic index and milk, generally of the integral type, when consumed in excess can contribute to the aggravation of acne pictures in certain groups. However, it is important to make it clear that for most people the relationship between acne and diet is not yet fully established and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, "Dr. Andrea explains. The tip is to follow a balanced and balanced diet without excess. It does well for the body and therefore for the skin as well.

 2. "Acne has a cure": TRUTH.

 Acne has treatments that vary according to the degree of involvement, location and conditions of the patient. "The diagnosis should be made by the dermatologist, but in general, the treatments include products for the control of oiliness, medicines and procedures such as skin cleansing, among others. These are general information and each patient should be evaluated individually. "

 3. "If parents had acne, children will also have": MYTH.

 "Acne is a disease of the pilosebaceous unit and has several causes, among them, the genetic factors have not yet been fully elucidated. However, by the current scientific evidence, it seems that genetic influence is very important, especially in the most severe cases, "explains Biolab's medical manager. There may be a greater likelihood that children of parents with severe acne also present the picture to a lesser or greater degree, but this is not a rule. The important thing is that, in these cases, the dermatologist, who is the professional trained to treat acne, be sought for the proper monitoring of the case.

 4. "Move can get worse": TRUTH.

 Nibbling the pimples and blackheads, without the aid of a specialist, can leave stains and scars on the skin, difficult to remove. "We should not deal with inflamed injuries on our own. In addition to making the inflammation worse, the it may become more sensitive and there may be the appearance of "spots" and scars, "adds Dr. Andrea.

 5. "I do not need to treat acne because it is something temporary, in time it will disappear": MYTH.

 Acne is a chronic acne and early diagnosis helps prevent the appearance of scars and blemishes. For this reason, it is essential to seek medical advice at the very outset.

 6. "People of all ages can have acne": TRUTH.

 Acne affects people of all ages, from children to adults, although it is more common in teenagers.

 7. "Exfoliate the skin always helps in skin care with acne": MYTH.

 Exfoliation can be done depending on the case, once or twice a week, if the skin is not sensitized and the doctor's advice is "The ideal is to seek the help of the dermatologist and follow the indications of use of the products", complete the Dr. Andréa.

 8. "Having a skin care routine is critical": TRUTH.

 To aid in the treatment it is very important to have a skin care routine. "It does not have to be anything complex, very time consuming and with a multitude of products. But some daily cares like washing your face regularly and always removing make-up are fundamental to the health of the face. Important to use sunscreen daily and follow the guidelines of the dermatologist ", guides.

 9. "Skin with acne is always oily and does not need hydration": MYTH.

 "In general we can say that acne skin is usually oily, especially in the" T "zone (regions of the forehead, nose and chin). But oiliness is not synonymous with hydration. " Oily skin can benefit from moisturizers, as long as they are not "comedogenic" (do not provoke the appearance of "blackheads"), that is, they do not accentuate acne pictures.

 10. "Skin cleansing helps in the care of acne skins": TRUTH.

 Provided it is performed by a trained professional and when indicated by a dermatologist. "Cleansing of the skin is the removal of comedones (" blackheads "). Already the "inflamed" pimples should not be manipulated during this procedure, complements the dermatologist of Biolab.

 Dr. Andrea Rosato was consulted as a journalistic source and does not use this space for the promotion of any product or brand. To find out the ideal treatment for your skin, consult a dermatologist at the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

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