Bar da Dona Onça celebrates 15 years!

Bar da Dona Onça celebrates 15 years!

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I write this post directly from São Paulo, where I participated as a guest journalist, this Tuesday, April 11th, at Águas de Janaína, a traditional event held by chef Janaína Rueda! Bar da Dona Onça celebrates 15 years in the city center, at the foot of the iconic Copan, a building designed in the 50s by architect Oscar Niemeyer. After a two-year hiatus, the party, which is now in its 10th edition, aims to celebrate Brazilian culture and popular cuisine, renew cycles and bring good energy. Open to the public, it brought together people from different tribes, as well as journalists and renowned chefs, as well as, of course, special recipes from the cook, and lots of music. It was certainly a special night to celebrate our country's cuisine! Take the opportunity to also read, at the end of the post, more details about Bar da Dona Onça.

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Waters of Janaína!

The party had Otto from Pernambuco as the main attraction, in addition to the participation of Nãnãna da Mangueira, Elizete Rosa and Thobias da Vai-Vai with the drums and the Bahian girls from the samba school. The traditional washing of the sidewalk in front of Bar da Dona Onça had flowers and scented waters! In other words, everything to give thanks, purify the place and bring high vibrations.

And of course, if we're talking about gastronomy, the chef's typical recipes couldn't be missing! They had options, such as, for example, mini sardine couscous, vegan mini couscous, fish moqueca, sururu broth and porcopoca, Hot Pork's famous potato chips. To sweeten it, the pineapple and coconut cake, a childhood memory of Janaína.

Bar da Dona Onça celebrates 15 years

Janaína Rueda was certainly one of the precursors of the movement to renew the gastronomic and cultural scene in the Center of SP. A resident of the region, she decided to invest her talent and best energy in a restaurant-bar that, we can say, became the cornerstone for so many others that would come from there. Therefore, at Bar da Dona Onça we find classic bar portions and dishes typical of popular Brazilian cuisine.

When it comes to starters, it will certainly be difficult to choose just one, so the tip is to share several with friends. Meat pie, free-range chicken drumstick and Chinese bread with fried chicken and cabbage are some of the suggestions. Among the main ones, there are options of stews, PF's, rice, artisanal pasta, fish and seafood, offal, boiled and roasted dishes. In addition, highlights include the meat minced meat with rice, fried egg, banana tartare and bean cream, and the seafood rice with fresh tomato, basil and lemon.

Desserts are certainly a separate chapter! In fact, I loved the crunchy mini churros with dulce de leche and chocolate sauce, and the electric trio, with quindim, soft brigadeiro and pudding. Finally, to drink, it's worth opting for the delicious caipirinhas with cashews and three lemons, or other drinks and beers.

End: Avenida Ipiranga 200, stores 27/29 – Center, São Paulo

By Renata Araújo.

Photos: Renata Araújo and Ale Virgilio