Athleisure: como é esse estilo?

Athleisure: what is this style like?


Athleisure fashion combines comfort and versatility. This style uses gym clothes on a daily basis in incredible and comfortable looks.

You may have never even heard of the style Athleisure, but it’s very likely that you’ve already used the trend, without even knowing it had that name. Athleisure is the style that combines practicality and comfort in super modern and stylish looks that feature sporty elements.

If we were to put it in simple terms and summarize what this trend is, we can say that it is the use of gym/sports clothes on a daily basis or on more special occasions. In fact, this trend is very popular among foreigners, and many It girls fashionistas use and abuse this more casual style.

Therefore, several brands are already bringing the style to the catwalks and their collections. As is the case with brands like Versace and Alexander Wang, which are currently investing in athleisure. Including, resulting in partnerships with sports brands, such as Adidas and Nike.

Anyway, below we will learn more about what the Athleisure trend is and how to join it.

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure: what is this style like?

Let’s start with the name of the style itself. The word athleisure is the result of the union of two terms in English: athletic which means athletic in Portuguese, and leisure, which means leisure. So, basically it’s a trend that uses comfortable and practical clothing and accessories that work both in the gym and outside of it.

This trend is already quite popular and strong in the United States, and names like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian are great examples of It girls who have embraced the trend for some time. In fact, here in Brazil it has also been growing, even though many people don’t know it by that name.. In fact, the warmer climate here helped this trend gain more followers over the years and gym clothes were no longer exclusive during training.

Therefore, the athleisure style can be defined as the perfect balance between style, comfort, streetwear and sportswear.

Understand the concept better

Perhaps Athleisure is a reflection of a post-pandemic world in which people stayed at home and comfort became the official look. Or not. But the fact is that the sportswear market is in a very promising growth phase, experiencing almost double the growth of common clothing brands. And make no mistake, we’re not just talking about sneakers, sweatpants and tank tops, the options go far beyond that.

We can relate the success and growth of athleisure fashion to several issues. But mainly with a people’s greater interest in a more active and healthy lifestyle, where physical activity has become routine.

Therefore, sporting life ended up mixing with social life and this union led the consumer public to go beyond the basics, looking for other pieces to create stylish and comfortable compositions. Basically the best of both worlds.

Athleisure Trend Key Items

Therefore, it is clear that a style that combines comfort with casual would have wild pieces to compose the Athleisure aesthetic. So, these pieces serve to compose ideal looks for various occasions, such as work, social events, parties and of course, for everyday use.

1. Leggings e joggers

Athleisure: what is this style like?

The main piece of an Athleisure-style wardrobe is leggings. They are versatile and comfortable, and today they come in different models, with different prints and shapes. Furthermore, they are super comfortable, ideal for busy days, whether in pants or shorts. When combining these pieces, give preference to more striking elements at the top, such as coats and sweatshirts, whether oversized or not.

Jogger-style pants, ideal for running, have also gained space in fashionistas’ wardrobes and are featured in major clothing brands.

2. Hoodies

Athleisure: what is this style like?

Who would have thought that sweatshirts, which were mainly worn at home, would gain so much prominence and become a popular piece. But the fact is that sweatshirts have arrived with everything and are being used on the most diverse occasions, much of this due to the Athleisure trend.

So, bet on oversized options for coats, blouses, pants and sweatshirt shorts. The most popular are the printed and hooded ones, which in addition to being super comfortable, are stylish and versatile and can be used in several different looks.

3. Tops e croppeds

Tops and crop tops are the face of this trend and go well with this sporty/casual/comfortable vibe. Therefore, the tip is to opt for a coat or sweatshirt, combined with leggings. This combination results in stylish and modern looks.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a coat for colder days, and give your look a more sophisticated touch.

4. Caps

Athleisure: what is this style like?

In accessories, caps are also a great addition to the Athleisure look, and work both in gyms and in everyday activities. Therefore, a widely used model is the one with a curved brim, which goes well with other traditional casual and sports pieces of the style.

5. Tennis

And of course tennis couldn’t be missing. But in this case it doesn’t necessarily have to be gym sneakers, although they are very welcome within the Athleisure aesthetic. However, other models of sneakers also fit this style, as well as retro models from the 80s and 90s are also strong in this trend.

So, it’s no surprise that many people are swapping traditional shoes for funkier footwear.

6. Cores

Athleisure: what is this style like?

Finally, the wild colors in the Athleisure aesthetic. Due to the more sporty style of the pieces, as well as the wild materials and pieces, the style includes a good range of colors. The main ones are black and white, but also more neutral tones that go alongside the vibrant colors.

Athleisure look inspirations

And finally, we selected some inspiration for Athleisure looks so you can get some ideas to join the trend. Check out:


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