Aracaju – Brazil travel Guide, Tour Tips and Accommodation

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One word is not found in Aracaju: boredom. Here the doldrums go away! The city is home to countless options for leisure, history, fun and experiences in nature. The tour circuit in the capital includes a boat trip along the Chico River, a crossing to Mangue Seco, a village with dunes and natural pools, as well as undergrowth and the Crôa do Goré with landscapes suitable for swimming. Places that also allow good diving are the capital's beaches, which surprise with the amount of beauty in one place. Museums, parks, restaurants and bars, fairs and craft centers are also some of the options offered by the capital. Remember that the city also reserves festivities such as the traditional São João and Carnival out of season, which have now become traditions.


Two museums are references in Aracaju that also include a lot of history, they are: the Palácio Olímpio Campos, former house of governors and current museum where some political events still take place from time to time and the Museu da Gente Sergipana which, as the name suggests , is a place reserved for the exaltation and pride of the population and its culture.

Sergipe People Museum

The museum, which is a reference throughout the state, was restored in 1926. It currently tells, in an interactive way, the culture of the people of Sergipe through characters, popular festivals, typical cuisine and the ecosystem. Visitors can have fun with mirrors that frame the observer in northeastern costumes, negotiate the price of a product with a virtual vendor and even listen to repentistas sing the requested songs. Everything with great taste and creativity. It is on Avenida Ivo do Prado.

Olímpio Campos Palace

Former seat of the state government and house of governors until 1980, today the palace has been transformed into a museum where antique furniture from the 19th century, paintings by Italian artists, models and a collection of photos showing the city in the 40s are kept. Fausto Cardoso Square.


Different types of tours for different types of audiences exist in Aracaju. There, you can enjoy nature walks along the São Francisco River, sandbanks at Crôa do Goré and the dunes of Mangue Seco. Furthermore, it is possible to have closer contact with animals in the Parque dos Falcões where birds of prey are located and in the Oceanarium with marine species, including a tank full of impressive sharks. Nerds and curious people can entertain themselves with a physics and mathematics class at the House of Science and Technology.

Falcons Park

Just 45 km from Aracaju is the Serra de Itabaiana, where there is a breeding and reproduction center for birds of prey, especially the falcons that bear the name of the park. There you can also find birds such as brave hawks and curious owls. In total, the tour lasts three hours, including an explanation of the animals' habits, an audiovisual presentation and contact with birds outside of cages.

Boat on the São Francisco River

Visiting the northeast region where the Old Chico River flows and not taking a boat trip along it is almost a crime. Therefore, take the time to embark in Brejo Grande (130 km from the capital) and sail for 13 km on the river towards the ocean, where the beautiful dunes and beaches of the coast begin to emerge.

Crôa do Goré

For this tour it is important to reserve a day to enjoy the beauty that the island offers. A boat leaves the Vaza-Barris River towards the grand sandbank. To entertain tourists, a restaurant boat is set up with tables and chairs and serves typical dishes to the sound of lively music. It is possible to find tranquility in some deserted areas, observe the mangroves and bathe in the natural pools.

Dry Mangrove

Mangue Seco is a rustic village surrounded by beautiful dunes. You can reach the destination by boat in Porto do Cavalo, located in the municipality of Estância (75 km from Aracaju). The vessel passes through the Piauí River and meets the Real River, where access to Mangue Seco is located.


The incredible Oceanarium houses fresh and saltwater aquariums with several species of fish from the São Francisco River and the coastal coast. The highlight of the tour is seeing a tank full of sharks, where you can touch them while they are being fed. The site is managed by Projeto Tamar. It is on Avenida Santos Dumont.

House of Science and Technology

The planetarium brings together 80 fun and educational experiments on physics and mathematics. On weekends when the moon is full or waxing, it is possible to go on a night visit to observe the sky with telescopes. The visit is monitored. It is on Avenida Oviedo Teixeira.


Just like any large capital, the Municipal Market is one of those places that deserve to be visited. In addition to being a reference when it comes to crafts, with countless artifacts made by local artisans, it also houses stalls and restaurants serving Sergipe dishes. The Sergipe Art and Culture Center is also a great place to learn about and value local culture and crafts through wooden and ceramic pieces.

Antônio Franco Municipal Market

This immense market portrays the culture of Sergipe in its various ways. This is because, there, tourists come across extremely popular and genuine handicrafts such as hammocks, embroidery, objects made of straw, wood, ceramics, lace and many other artifacts. In the same place you can enjoy mouth-watering typical dishes. It is on Rua José do Prado Franco.

Sergipe Art and Culture Center

Handcrafted objects such as colorful and traditional ceramics, carved wooden sculptures and typical lace are found at the Sergipe Art and Culture Center. It is on Avenida Santos Dumont.