ALL the benefits of pompoarism for women's health

ALL the benefits of pompoarism for women’s health


Do you already know the advantages of practicing pompoarism? In addition to life as a couple, exercise can bring many benefits to your health!

Have you ever heard of pompoarism? Do you have any idea what it is and what it is for?

Firstly, it is worth saying that having an active intimate life is extremely important for our self-esteem and well-being. Right? And we know that this is directly linked to our health, physical and mental.

Therefore, today we have brought some super simple exercises that can help you have more ease in your life as a couple, in addition to having positive effects on your daily life, such as reducing your menstrual period and treating menopause symptoms.

Pompoirism (the name given to these miraculous exercises) is a technique that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles – in both women and men – through contraction and relaxation of these same muscles. With this practice, the woman also becomes able to massage the male organ with her internal muscles during intimate contact.

For the curious on duty, pompoirism works as a type of bodybuilding. And, to train this specific muscle, you need some accessories found in sex shops, but that’s a topic for a future article!

Interested? Come with us and discover the benefits of pompoarism for women’s health.

Check out some benefits that pompoarism brings to female health:

Reduces cramps and menstrual period

For those who don’t know yet, cramps occur as a result of involuntary contractions made by the uterus to expel the inner layer that did not receive the fertilized egg.

It is these movements that cause the infamous pain of menstrual cramps.

Research indicates that more than 90% of women who menstruate experience pain during this period.

With the movements of pompoirism and masturbation, the woman is able to alleviate (a lot!) this discomfort, as they now have greater control over the contractions.

As a consequence, there is an improvement in hormonal regulation and the amount of blood that comes out during menstruation ends up decreasing, reducing the days of the period.

It is important to remember that there are also other possible causes for colic, such as an inverted uterus (affects around 5% of Brazilian women, according to USP research) and endometriosis (affects around 15% of Brazilian women), and should be monitored by a specialist doctor.

Reduces menopause symptoms

Pompoarism helps women during the menopause period, mainly with the following symptoms: dryness, reduced libido and dyspareunia (pain during the act), among others.

Help with birth preparation and postpartum recovery

Women who practice pompoarism are more aware of their entire pelvic area, which helps a lot during childbirth.

This happens because they develop strength throughout the region, which will help during natural contractions, propelling the baby more easily during normal birth.

Furthermore, this reinforcement of the pelvic floor accelerates postpartum recovery, because the movements of the pompoar make the muscles more worked.

After a period, according to the obstetrician’s approval, it is possible for the woman to return to performing the exercises lightly, gradually returning to intimate gymnastics.

Improves bowel function

You didn’t expect that, right? And what does one have to do with the other?

Well, pompoirism also includes help in this area, because in addition to the pelvic region, the exercises also work the abdominal muscles.

Causing intestinal transit to be stimulated, both by the movement itself and by increasing irrigation, helping to combat any dryness.

Treats urinary incontinence

Pompoarism movements also work the perineum, a region that, among other things, controls the output of urine and feces.

By performing intimate exercises, women can control these muscles and thus alleviate the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Combats intimate sagging

The force of gravity, one of women’s mortal enemies. Just like “everything falls”, it wouldn’t be much different with the female region.

Especially at later ages in a woman’s life, when the skin loses elasticity and the body becomes less hydrated.

The entire pelvic floor region suffers from constant wear and tear, both from sexual intercourse and from the weight that the bladder, urethra, rectum and uterus exert on this area.

Thus, intimate gymnastics appears as an excellent way to prevent organ sagging, strengthening and supporting the internal organs.

The woman becomes more “tight”

So, this is one of the great benefits of pompoirism!

With the exercises, the woman’s entire pelvic region becomes stronger, making the woman able to – literally – completely squeeze her partner.

In a healthy game, she can even simulate virginity, raising the level of pleasure during the relationship.

Increases lubrication

Making intimate contractions and relaxing through exercises causes the degree of excitement to increase. Thus, the woman becomes more lubricated, progressively improving her will and performance as a whole.

If pompoirism is performed constantly, the region is completely irrigated, raising the level of sensitivity, which makes the act easier.

So, did you like the tips? Have you ever practiced it, do you know someone who practices it or, at least, have you ever heard of the pompoirism technique? Comment!

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