7 Subtle Perfumes That Won't Give You a Headache

7 Subtle Perfumes That Won’t Give You a Headache


Many women stop using perfume because it gives them a headache.

If you are one of these women, know that this is a thing of the past!

Today, we’ve created a list of subtle perfumes that won’t give you a headache.

The scents are soft, very pleasant and you will smell good all day long – without pain. Check out!

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Subtle feminine perfumes

1. I Am Real, Maurices

This is one of the subtle perfumes we selected for this list, which promises to be light and cheerful.

It combines subtle floral notes with citrus, in one perfume you can use anywhere, like in the office or on the beach.

You will love the delicious aroma of I Am Real.

But, what you will love even more is the absence of any headaches after spraying it.

2. Infusion D’Iris, Prada

This is one of the best rated perfumes when it comes to perfume and office.

Its subtle aroma combines orange aromas with touches of nature’s freshness.

You will love the woody touch that this perfume evokes.

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3. Cashmere Mist, Donna Karan

Cashmere Mist is one of the subtle perfumes, perfect for any occasion.

He’s not strong enough to let people know you’re coming from miles away.

You can also buy this scent as a deodorant if you prefer not to spray it and want an even softer feel.

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4. Happy, Clinic

Looking for soft floral perfumes?

Happy is an excellent choice!

Touches of hyacinth and primrose are combined with touches of cucumber and citrus fruits, resulting in a light and refreshing aroma.

Happy is a perfume that you will easily want to use every day – and, of course, without the worry of a headache.

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5. Amber Splash, Marc Jacobs

With touches of amber, cinnamon and wood bark, Amber Splash is one of the subtle perfumes that best suit autumn.

If you like to wear different perfumes in each season of the year, don’t leave this one aside.

You will be surprised!

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6. L’Eau Par Kenzo, Kenzo

This perfume is a refreshing mix of mint and peach, which culminates in a delicately feminine fragrance that you will love.

You will certainly be ready to receive lots of compliments on your scent wherever you go.

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7. Stella, Stella McCartney

Stella is one of the subtle feminine perfumes that women most like.

Its soft aroma, with notes of amber make it simply unforgettable.

Did you already know these perfumes on our list? Have you used any of them? What fragrance usually gives you a headache?