7 hotels in the best neighborhoods!

7 hotels in the best neighborhoods!

South America

Where to stay in Lima? The capital of Peru has almost 10 million inhabitants and many attractions: from pre-Columbian archaeological sites to Spanish heritage, from the Peruvian past to the city's restaurants.

This text is a complete guide on where to stay in Lima, with tips on cheap hotels, luxury hotels, hotels for families, couples and also for those traveling alone.

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Where to stay in Lima: best neighborhoods and regions

Despite the size of the metropolis, four neighborhoods concentrate most of Lima's hotel network. In this text, we will indicate hotels in Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro and the Historic Center. It is in one of these regions that you should be staying.

Hotels in Miraflores, Lima

Miraflores is the best area to stay in Lima. It is a safe neighborhood and full of shops. There is also Larcomar, an open-air shopping mall with views of the sea. In addition to all this, Miraflores is close to the center: just 7 km.

See more accommodation options in Miraflores

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Hotels in San Isidro and near Huaca Pucllana

San Isidro is the second neighborhood with the highest concentration of hotels in Lima. It is neighboring Miraflores and is close to the Huaca Pucllana archaeological site.

It is an upscale neighborhood, full of businesses and one of the economic hearts of the city. Dozens of Embassies are also located there.

  • Manto Hotel Lima – Beautiful rooms and charming hotel, for special trips. Daily rates at 150 dollars.
  • Pullman San Isidro – Four stars, comfort and a favorite hotel for couples. Daily rates at 120 dollars.
  • NM Lima Hotel – Great location and daily rates from 70 dollars.
  • Aku – With a daily rate of 60 dollars and a great location, this hotel is a champion in terms of value for money.
  • Hotel Estelar – Three stars in San Isidro with daily rates from 60 dollars.

See accommodation options in San Isidro

Cheap hotels in Lima in the historic center

The Historic Center is the most interesting part of Lima, it has been recently revitalized, but is not usually chosen for accommodation.

The place, which is crowded during the day, is empty (and less safe) at night. In short, nothing different from Brazilian capital centers.

In the historic center you will find cheap hotels and several apartments for rent in Lima.

Find hotels in the historic center of Lima


Hotels in Lima: where to stay in Barranco

Another neighbor of Miraflores, but in the opposite direction. The name of this neighborhood is usually accompanied by two words: nightlife.

Barranco is one of the most bohemian regions of Lima, full of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. There you will also find parks, squares and, of course, a really cool view of the Pacific Ocean.

As the name suggests, the neighborhood appears to be hanging and ready to fall into the sea.

  • Hotel B – Located in a historic building. Ideal for couples on special trips. Daily rates from 130 dollars.
  • Casa Republica – Another couples favorite, with nightly rates starting at $90.
  • Lovely Mimosas apartments – Great location and apartments for rent for 50 dollars.
  • Casa Fanning Hotel – Inn in Barranco with great value for money. Daily: 40 dollars.
  • Hotel Bohemia – This three-star hotel is in the heart of Barranco and has a daily rate of 30 dollars.

See accommodation options in Barranco

where to stay in Lima

Lima's traffic is chaotic. Because of this, staying close to Jorge Chávez Airport is an alternative for those who are taking a flight to another city very early, avoiding rush hour. I've used this strategy before and recommend it. The airport is 20 km from Miraflores / Barranco.

Some hotel options at Lima airport:

  • Home Blessed – Rooms for rent in a building just 500 meters from the airport. It's close enough to walk, even with luggage – but also difficult to get a taxi. Daily at 30 dollars.
  • Holiday Inn – Same distance, but with free transfer. It's a four-star hotel with an indoor pool and gym. Daily rates at 160 dollars.
  • Costa del Sol Wyndham – It is practically inside the airport (just cross the street). It also has a swimming pool, gym and daily rates of 150 dollars.

Book your hotel for at least three days. In this time you will get to know the city's main attractions. Do you have more days? Excellent! Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the incredible Peruvian cuisine.

How much does a hotel cost in Lima?

Prices vary depending on the type of hotel, location and time of year.

Are you going to travel through Peru?

Accommodation tips in Cusco

  • Costa del Sol Ramada Cusco – Operated in a 17th century mansion. Daily rates start at US$90, reaching US$120 in high season.
  • El Virrey Boutique – Perfect location, in the main square of Cusco. It's a couples favorite. Daily rates at 58 dollars.
  • Hotel Plaza de Armas Cusco – Another with a fantastic location and views of the square. Daily rates at 90 dollars.
  • Casa Andina – Good breakfast and great location. Daily rates at 80 dollars.

Accommodation tips in Machu Picchu

  • Casa Machu Picchu – Hostel in Aguas Calientes with beds in dormitories for 10 dollars and double rooms for 25 dollars.
  • Andino Hotel – Three-star hotel perfect for couples who want comfort, but without paying too much. Daily rates at 50 dollars.
  • Peru Coca B&B – Inn in Aguas Calientes with daily rates at 30 dollars. Great value for money.
  • Machu Picchu Adventure House – Hotel near Machu Picchu, in Aguas Calientes. Simple, comfortable and well located. Daily rates at 40 dollars.

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Do I need a visa, passport and travel insurance?

You do not need a visa or passport to visit Peru: your ID is enough, as long as it is in good condition and has a relatively current photo, in which you can be recognized. About this, read the guide on how to travel abroad with just your ID.

Travel Insurance is mandatory in dozens of countries and essential for any trip. Don't be left unprotected in Peru. See how to get the best cost/benefit insurance with our discount code.

Quick Questions about Where to Stay in Lima

  1. What is the best area to stay in Lima? Staying in Miraflores is an excellent choice, a safe neighborhood full of bars and restaurants. Barranco is also another of the best options to stay in Lima, especially if you are looking for nightlife.
  2. Are Barris or San Isidro also good options? Yes, both are safe neighborhoods and offer good accommodation options, although Miraflores and Barranco are more popular with tourists.
  3. Are there good accommodation options in the historic center of Lima? Yes, the historic center has charming hotels, but the area can be busier during the day – and emptier at night.
  4. Is it safe to walk at night in Miraflores? Yes, Miraflores is generally safe, but it's always good to be careful, as in any major city in Latin America.
  5. Where to find cheaper accommodation options in Lima? There are many hostels and inns in Lima, including in Miraflores or Barranco.
  6. Airport or city center: where is best to stay upon arrival? It's best to face the traffic and head straight into the city. Hotels close to the airport make up for those who have a very early flight leaving Lima, and thus avoid commuting early in the morning.

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