Períneo, 6 curiosidades sobre a região e alguns exercícios

6 interesting facts about the region and exercises to strengthen it


The perineum is a very important part of the female body that they often don’t even know exists. Today we are going to tell you everything about it and its function.

You are probably part of the team of women who ignore a very important part of the body: the perineum. Firstly, this part of the body is a region between the anus and the vagina. Basically it serves to support all pelvic organs.

You certainly know very little about the region, which is extremely important for women. Initially, we will list 6 interesting facts about this region. Next we will show you some exercises for this region of the body.

6 interesting facts about the perineum

1 – Differences between the female and male perineum

Perineum, everything you need to know and 6 interesting facts

Firstly, in women the perineum is in the region between the entrance to the vagina and the anus. In men, it is located between the root of the penis and the anus. Anatomically, it is located below the floor of the pelvis. The perineum contributes to supporting the elements of the urogenital system, preventing health problems such as prolapses, urinary loss, fecal incontinence, decreased vaginal tone, among others.

2 – The importance of the region for sex

Perineum, everything you need to know and 6 interesting facts

The perineum is rich in vascularization and nerve endings. Consequently, it is very sensitive to sexual excitement, being considered an erogenous zone. Stimulation with massages, licks or light touches can produce pleasure stimuli in the brain, contributing to the erection of both the penis and clitoris.

If the female perineum is intact and preserved, there will be greater contraction and relaxation of the muscles around the vagina, increasing sexual pleasure and the possibility of orgasm.

3 – Sensitivity

Perineum, everything you need to know and 6 interesting facts

For some men there may be a blockage in arousal in the area. This happens due to psychological blocks associated with traditional concepts of masculinity. Touching the perineal region may not be well accepted by any individual. Women find it easier to explore this region sexually.

4 – It has no relation to fertility

Perineum, everything you need to know and 6 interesting facts

This area is located on the male and female genital perimeter. Still, this area has no association with fertility.

5 – Aging

Perineum, everything you need to know and 6 interesting facts

As we age, the area becomes weaker and can cause urinary incontinence in women. Furthermore, due to the decrease in collagen with age, the area also suffers from vaginal sagging. That’s why exercises for the region are a good idea. Right after the curiosities, we will present some to you.

6 – Care

Perineum, everything you need to know and 6 interesting facts

Trauma to the area can lead to chronic pain in the anus and vulva, which is difficult to treat. Consequently, basic hygiene and regular consultations with the gynecologist and/or urologist are essential, mainly to monitor and avoid infectious and inflammatory processes.

Exercises for perineum

Initially, strengthening the perineum is extremely important for women, especially for those who have already become pregnant. Both before birth, to help with the process, and after so that the region returns to normal.

It is important to know and work on this region, strengthening and relaxing it. We have listed the best exercises to help you work this region.

Kegel Exercises

Perineum, 6 interesting facts about the region and some exercises

Arnold Kegel created these exercises in the 1940s. In addition to being able to be performed by men and women, they can also be done by pregnant women.

In it, you need to contract and relax the anus and vagina, without using other muscles and without holding your breath. You can perform the exercise anywhere. Whether in traffic, at home or at work. As the training progresses, you improve your muscles in the region.

Do 3 sets of 50 repetitions per day. Hold your muscles for as long as possible and then slowly relax back to the starting position.


Perineum, 6 interesting facts about the region and some exercises

Created by Joseph Pilates, this exercise works the mind and body with exercises focused on concentration, centralization, control, fluidity, precision and breathing.

Pilates activates the pelvic floor. This activity is perfect for preparing women for childbirth by teaching, during classes, strengthening and relaxation techniques in the region.

In addition, Pilates also works on hip mobility, which can favor a better fit for the baby and warns that no technique is a guarantee of achieving a normal birth without laceration. Look for specialized people who can help you.

Perineal Massage

Perineum, 6 interesting facts about the region and some exercises

Perineal massage helps increase the elasticity of the region. You need the help of a professional physiotherapist with specialization in obstetric physiotherapy. For pregnant women, it can be performed from the 34th week of pregnancy.

Taking a hot bath or using compresses with warm towels on the perineum before the massage helps to relax the area. Many physiotherapists use a German device called Epi-no, which consists of an inflatable probe that generates more elasticity and pelvic awareness.


Perineum, 6 interesting facts about the region and some exercises

Pompoarism strengthens the vaginal muscles. Pompoar means ‘to suck the penis’ in Thai.” In addition, exercise consists of developing contraction and relaxation exercises that seek to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor.

The practice is recommended for women of all ages who seek to have greater control of their bodies. It reduces symptoms of common situations such as menstrual cramps and improves female sexual pleasure and performance.

There is a large muscular ring that surrounds the vagina, so the contractions performed during exercises will always be joint. These contractions can happen voluntarily.

Voluntary contractions carried out through the exercises can count on the help of Thai balls. They are especially recommended for beginner women, as they help to quickly strengthen the vaginal region.

Finally, of course, pompoarism is also perfect for exercising the perineum.

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