5 tips for renewing your home decor

5 tips for renewing your home decor


Generally at the end of the year, people have the habit of change the look of the housebut not everyone has the time or budget for such a change.

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More than that renew the decor of your home without spending practically ANYTHING? Yes, it is possible to change aspects of your home for little money. Pay attention to the very simple and useful tips.

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See how to renew your decor without spending almost anything

1 – Change the position of furniture

how to renew decor

It’s something that helps a lot in the process of renew home decor. Many times, to look different, you just need creativity.

How about changing the position of the TV? Change the place of sofa comfortable being? The change of furniture from your accustomed location changes a lot decoration.

The environment is new, it doesn’t even look like the old one anymore. casa old. Same thing you can do in yours kitchenno quarto or in any environment. Change position, change location, replace or add.

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2 – Changing carpets, curtains and sofa coverings

how to renew your decor without spending money

It’s a really cool thing when someone wants renew home decor. There are people who only tend to change curtains during festive seasons or special occasions…

How about changing monthly? Or how about trying to take the sofa cover for a while? Wallpaper are very cool, as they give you a “cham” casa inexplicable.

Always prefer curtains in colors: copper, purple, wine, white and red, these are shades that leave the casa with that renewed appearance, they are bright tones and at the same time they have that “cult” thing.

Change the sofa capes or take them off, mat, curtains and always try to renew the models.

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3 – Wallpapers

wallpapers to renew your decor

There are those who think that wallpaper it only looks cool bedrooms of children or teenagers, whoever says this has no idea how much this leaves the atmosphere of the casa more beautiful and renew the decor inexplicably, not to mention that it is much more affordable.

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There are all kinds of models wallpaper, for all rooms and the prices are very affordable. try it to decorate or make a facade on salano quarto next to camaalready kitchen it looks very beautiful.

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4 – Paint your furniture (those that can actually be painted)

renew the decor by painting the furniture

Mainly paint the furniture with bright, happy colors, as this helps a lot with the mood of the casamakes the environment more pleasant to live in. Renewing the colors of furniture is a surprising tactic in home decor renovation. Always use vibrant colors, a varnish finish will look spectacular.

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5 – Replace the landscape in the frames with your framed photos

renew your decor while spending little

Ah… That unforgettable trip, that wonderful landscape of that place where your children visited, that unforgettable day with friends, your wedding, graduation or any event that marked your life and people who marked your life.

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Renew the decor and always remembering those people who are important to us, nothing more fair than a memory of those wonderful people and that unforgettable trip.

Framing depending on the size of the painting is not expensive. Use more neutral colors in the frames, choose photos with great quality, the house will look very beautiful and with a wall full of stories.

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Anyway, here’s mine decoration tip of yours casa spending little or almost nothing. Even because renew It’s always good, new energy, new memories. Nothing fairer than arriving at your casa and feel in one environment super pleasant.