5 options to slim your nose

5 options to slim your nose


It is possible to thin your nose using nose shapers or makeup, however the effects caused by these techniques are temporary. To have a more definitive effect, it is necessary to carry out more invasive aesthetic procedures, such as bioplasty and rhinoplasty, which can, in addition to thinning, interfere with the structure of the nose, so that it can become more upright, for example.

Another aesthetic procedure to slim the nose is alectomy, which consists of the surgical removal of excess cartilage from the “wings of the nose”, leaving it thinner.

In the case of aesthetic procedures to slim the nose, it is important that they are recommended by a dermatologist, a professional qualified for the procedure or a plastic surgeon, so that they can be carried out safely.

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Options for slimming your nose

Some of the options for slimming your nose are:

1. Makeup

Makeup is the easiest way to slim your nose, however the results are temporary. To slim your nose with makeup you first need to prepare your skin with primer, foundation and concealer. Then, apply concealer and foundation at least 3 shades above your skin tone around the nose, that is, from the inside of the eyebrow to the sides of the nose.

Then, spread the foundation and concealer with the help of a soft-bristled brush and make sure that there is no marked area, that is, that the skin is even. Then, you should create a triangle in the area below the eyes with a pearlescent or highlighter shadow and blend the area, as well as blend the tip of the nose and the front region of the nose, which is the bone part.

To finish your makeup and give your slim nose a more natural appearance, you should apply a powder that matches your skin tone, but you shouldn’t apply it too hard to avoid destroying the light effects that were created previously.

2. Use of nose shaper

The nose shaper is a type of ‘plaster’ that must be placed daily so that the nose takes the desired shape and can be used to narrow the nose, reduce the length, remove the curve at the top of the nose, correct the tip, reduce the nostrils and correct the deviated septum.

To obtain the desired result, it is recommended that the nose shaper be used for around 20 minutes a day, and the results can be observed after 2 to 4 months of use.

3. Nose bioplasty

Nose bioplasty, also known as rhinomodeling, is a technique that corrects small flaws, such as the curve at the top of the nose, through the use of substances such as polymethyl methacrylate and hyaluronic acid, which are applied with a needle in the deeper layers of the nose. skin to fill and correct nose flaws. See what bioplasty is and how it is performed.

The result of this technique can be temporary or definitive, depending on the substance used in the filling, and only local anesthesia is used during the procedure. Furthermore, the patient can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure, as the nose is only slightly swollen for about 2 days.

4. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a definitive procedure to slim the nose, as it is performed through surgery that can improve the profile of the nose, alter and/or change the direction of the tip, reduce the size of the nostrils or reduce the width of the bone, for example .

This procedure is definitive and, therefore, it is important that before it is carried out, consultations are held with the plastic surgeon in order to simulate what the nose would look like after the procedure.

Rhinoplasty can be performed under general or local anesthesia and consists of making a cut in the nose or in the tissue that covers the nose so that it is possible to remodel the nose according to the person’s goals. The definitive results of rhinoplasty usually appear after around 15 days, and it is important that the person remains with their face bandaged and follows the doctor’s instructions. Find out how rhinoplasty is performed and what care is taken after surgery.

5. Alectomy

Alectomy is a surgical procedure that can also help make the nose thinner, as it is done by cutting the “wings of the nose”, which is the outermost part of the nose. From the cut, the doctor must remove excess cartilage from the area and then sew the wings of the nose back together, making it thinner. See more about alectomy.

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