30 utilidades do talco infantil totalmente inesperadas e incomuns

30 totally unexpected and unusual uses for baby powder


Did you know that it can even be used on the floor? Check out 30 totally unexpected uses for baby powder that will change your day-to-day life:

baby powder It is a very common product in pharmacies and cosmetics stores. It is basically used to clean babies, but its uses are as diverse as possible.

Although many of its uses seem strange, the truth is that knowing more about the potential of this product can make your routine much easier.at. Even your pet can benefit from a little talcum powder!

It’s incredible to imagine that most people spend their entire lives using baby powder in such a limited way, isn’t it? However, you will leave this “hall of the unsuspecting” and learn how to include the product in your daily life.

Check out 30 totally unexpected uses for baby powder:

  1. Soothe irritated skin after waxing.
  2. Prevent friction and blisters on your feet when walking or running.
  3. Remove oil or grease stains from fabrics.
  4. Prevent hands from becoming slippery when working with rubber or plastic.
  5. Help untangle tangled ropes or chains.
  6. Prevent fogging of swimming goggle lenses.
  7. Clean silver or other metals.
  8. Make rubber gloves slide off easily.
  9. Eliminate odors in sneakers and other shoes.
  10. Keep towels dry and soft in humid environments.
  11. Reduce itching caused by insect bites.
  12. Soothe skin irritated by sun exposure.
  13. Baby powder also prevents glasses from slipping off the face.
  14. Protect the leather of shoes and boots from moisture.
  15. Help remove excess sand from your body and clothes at the beach.

And there’s more!

  1. Prevent your fingers from becoming slippery when using tools.
  2. Facilitate the removal of jewelry stuck on fingers.
  3. Soothe skin irritated by diaper rash or dermatitis.
  4. Prevent sweat stains on clothes.
  5. Reduce friction between thighs when walking or running.
  6. Prevent bathroom mirrors from fogging up.
  7. Facilitate sand removal from beach toys.
  8. Baby powder helps untangle tangled strands of hair.
  9. Prevent sand from entering your beach bag or backpack.
  10. Prevent grease stains on clothes.
  11. Facilitate the removal of adhesive labels from surfaces.
  12. Help keep your skin dry and free from rashes during sports.
  13. Prevent car windows from fogging up.
  14. Baby powder makes it easier to put on compression socks.
  15. Keep wetsuits dry and odor-free.

Source: Don Alcides